Healthy life

At this moment there is a lot to do about living healthy and being healthy. Think about eating biological food with good vitamins, or going to the gym more then you used to do before. Think about the hello fresh boxes, those are really popular. Or the rise in visiting bootcamps en people who go to the gym.


We are all together in this self-caring trend. Because de government, the people around us even the world, wants us to stand more on our own. The world expects us to be independent. So we want to prove to each other that we can by independent by going to work on ourselves. Beside that, there is a lot of advertisement about being healthy and going to the gym. Everywhere we go we see those advertisements, we see each other doing sports and eating healthy food. It is all around us.


In the last few years you saw a real growth in gyms, special restaurants, people who bought biologic food, company’s that are busy with healthy food, (more)apps that make you help live healthier etc. There is a huge change.

Think about company’s like: Basic fit and Fit4free. They started a couple of years ago and made a real big different in the world of gyms. In a real short time, they opened lots of gym’s inside but also outside the Netherlands. I think this is a good example to show the change. There are around 1850 gyms in the Netherlands (, in 2007 there were only around 1398 gyms. The years before it there were 1200-1300 gyms but there wasn’t an extraordinarily growth in it.

Another fact is that there are a lot of sources on the internet that tell me that the rise of gyms is steady and isn’t rising anymore. That means that the trend is also in a steady moment, because the gyms also aren’t closing.

This thing about the gym is also suitable for the new apps, news company’s, special restaurants etc. There is a rising line that shows us that people want to live their life in an other way. Names that are new (not more than around 5 years old) and are all about living healthy: Hello fresh, Willem en Dress, my fitness pal, health app, basic fit/fit4free, vitamin bar (vitaminstore).


This trend is a meso trend and is in the middle of the lifecyle. It is a meso trend because it is really something important for a lot of people. Young, old, it doesn’t matter were they’re from or who they are, it has nothing to do with identity, but it is important for many people. That’s what makes it a meso trend. Besides that, this trend is going on a long time now. Meso trends lest 5 till 10 years. This trend is somewhere around the five years. This also tells us that it is in the middle of the lifecyle. In the beginning it was all new but now it is kind of normal to live that way. On the other hand, it isn’t already getting less important to live healthy, so this trend is somewhere in the middle. This all makes that the trend is in the 3 stage of the lifecycle: Early Majority. I am not sure if the trend already had his highest peak, what do you think? Is there going to be a real peak moment?




One thought on “Healthy life

  1. You took a very broad approach and I think you took more then one consumer trend (staying fit, eating healthy, convenience) and threw them all on one heap. Although you could defend that staying healthy indeed is consumer trend, I think you can also defend it is a megatrend, since there seems to be almost a societal focus on health issues. I expect this trend to last longer than 10 years and I think it is also already there for a longer time. And I think this is why your article lacks a bit of focus. Another reason is probably that you did not use sources in a correct way. If you would have used better sources (that you refer to in the APA style), I think the article would become more focused. Also your line of reasoning needs some work. Although the fact that there are more gyms is an indication that something is going on, but what if the gyms are getting smaller and less people work out in one gym? It is better to have a look at how many people actually go to a gym. But again, maybe it doesn’t say too much about how many work out, since running and cycling are sports you can do outside a gym and were a real trend the last couple of years. Overall you do try to answer all the right questions and address the right topics. So just use these pointers for your next articles.


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