Boost your self(ie)

A lot of people think it’s a psychological disorder when you’re making selfies. You usually upload the selfies for one reason, and that’s attention. There are two ways to get this sort of attention, in a positive way or in a negative way. The most common reason is the first, to let people think you have the best life of the whole universe. They only upload the moments of happy family moments, going out for dinner with friends for example, and expensive vacations. Making selfies has become a big trend, which sometimes knows no boundries for some people.

“It appears that people who frequently make a selfie, suffer from a mental disorder. The condition is called ‘selfitis’ and is defined as “obsessive and compulsive desire” to take pictures of yourself and place them on social media. A lack of self-esteem and a lack of intimacy is the underlying cause of this mental disorder. There are three levels of this disease: Borderline selfitis, acute and chronic selfitis selfitis. Chronic cases are the worst off. This group has the urge to constantly post selfies in various social media posts. (Sogeti, 2014)

Unfortunately there are people who make the famous aweful “suicide selfie”. Even Obama made a picture of himself when he was at the funeral of Nelson Mandela. We also have another recent trend called the “no makeup selfies”. This trend has the goal to support cancer and call attention to cancer awareness. A lot of people are leaving the fake makeup out, leave the most filters alone because they want to join this group online. So you can say that the selfie, next to the goal of making your selfies that perfect and fake as possible, there is now also a way to support great ideas and turn selfies in a good thing. (Steele) (Ph.D., 2013)

Selfies were about to come up in 2013, but the word was used for the first time in 2002. Nowadays, the trend to make selfies is almost 4 years old. The simple way in the world to take a selfie started with taking a picture of yourself in the mirror. After that we had a camera on our mobile, where you could switch the lens from the back to the front with one single press. Now, a few years later, we already have selfie sticks, GO-pro’s and other gadgets to make it easier for us to capture our lifes with selfies. We don’t know what the future in selfies is going to do with our ego’s, but I hope there will be more reasons to take selfies and put them online WITH an interesting story. We don’t need to capture every single minute of the day and put it online. Just live a bit without the modern equipments. What do you think? Is taking selfies a psychological disorder? Will there come more ways to use selfies in a good way online? Is the selfie really value-added?

Shiri Peters



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One thought on “Boost your self(ie)

  1. An interesting phenomenon, but there are some problems with your article. First of all you don’t answer the questions that I asked you to answer with your article. Why is it a trend (you say it is a disorder, which is not a trend), what are the other layers of the trend pyramid and where is it in the life cycle? Have a look at the assessment form in the student guide or the slides in course set up. And eventhough you use your sources correct according to APA reference style, you don’t read them very well yourself. You copied a paragraph from the article from Sogeti. But underneath that paragraph it says that this is not a real research, but made up on the internet. So you need to do better research and you need to answer the questions. If I were you I would change this article, since the topic is interesting and you already found some interesting sources. Just read them better!


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