Food delivery, the new way of cooking

Food Delivery is one of the most common trends nowadays. There are a lot of start-up companies that specialise in the transport of food and food platters from several restaurants. Another example is the big supermarkets that deliver groceries at home ordered online by the consumers.


We choose to deliver our food because we don’t have time, are tired but most important because it is easy. There are a lot of different ‘micro trends’ and big meso trends, Thuisbezorgd, Hellofresh, Deliveroo and Foodora are a few of them.


Why is food delivery a trend? ‘The future of groceries’ asked a certain amount of people the question; ‘Do you often use a food delivery service? And if you don’t use it, will you use it in the future?’. The biggest group is the 21- 34 age group. They are using or are willing to use it the most. This group consists generally of students or people who are just starting with their job. The reason they order the most food online is because of lack of time. They live on their own and spend a lot of time at school or work. This is also the generation who are most mobile friendly and used with online shopping. They grew up with technology and use it often.


Schermafbeelding 2016-09-07 om 14.06.37.png1)


The mega trend behind food delivery will be the fact we prefer everything the easy way. Hellofresh is a good example of easiness as a benefit. Hellofresh delivers you a box with food and recipes for a whole week. The only thing you have to do is cook.


The fact that the group follows the ‘easy’ trend is not only obvious with food. Even with the search for partners they use online search services like Tinder. For relaxation they use Netflix and for transport Uber is the easiest option.


User experience is a very important for the consumer nowadays. We want a simple solution delivered with full comfort and as less as possible effort. With current mobility trend it’s possible to achieve that goal within a few taps on your smartphone. 2)


In the lifecycle you can find the food delivery service at the raising line between the setters and followers. Like the NRC wrote, the food delivery service Thuisbezorgd was one of the first and biggest companies on this service. Only now it’s taken over by small organisations like Deliveroo and Foodora. Thuisbezorgd is on the top of the lifecycle and Deliveroo and Foodora are right behind it. The different deliveries are all hypes. The new hypes are taking over taking over the old one which will disappear. 3) 4)


In a couple of years, the improvement of food delivery will increase. My vision is that

restaurants will invest less in the quality of their food and physical restaurant-place and more in selling their food in big amounts. People won’t go out for dinner that often and order food at home. It will be necessary that the restaurant is up to date on social media and on all the other electronic devices. This will take up most of the time and money the restaurants have as costs. That’s why eventually a lot of restaurants will have only a kitchen. Maybe they have a few seats to dinner but the service in the restaurant decrease a lot in comparing to the delivery service. What do you think?




1) ‘The future of groceries’, 20-04-15


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One thought on “Food delivery, the new way of cooking

  1. Good article. Unfortunately, you forgot to mention your sources in the text according to the APA guidelines. You mention in your text something about ‘The future of groceries’; here you also need to explain briefly what is that, otherwise people may not understand what you are referring to.
    You write that “The mega trend behind food delivery will be the fact we prefer everything the easy way”. Easiness in the western culture is indeed linked to food delivery, but could you find out which other megatrends are linked to food delivery?
    Interesting your vision about the future for restaurants… Quite sad, I would say. I am curious what your fellow students think about it.

    Liked by 1 person

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