Healthy food – Thomas de Gilder

Healthy food – Thomas de Gilder

It doesn’t matter where you go. Healthy food seems to be everywhere. In the supermarket u will find more and more fresh and raw food. Even after deciding to pick this topic, I saw a new shop has opened near my house that is only selling biological and healthy food. I think almost every city has a shop like that by now. Mainly the superfoods are becoming very popular the last few years. In this blog is will discuss why I think healthy food is a meso trend.

There are always different micro trends supporting the healthy food trends. For example the soft drinks that all got their light version at some point, and the low-fat products. Nowadays the superfoods are becoming more popular. Superfoods are mostly plant-based products that have only the most essential nutrients. There had been done research amongst 166 Dutch women that shows 37% of them eats superfoods everyday. This is a test that has been done in 2013 and in 2012 the results only where only 11%. This very clearly shows the growth in popularity.

It’s very clear that companies are using this healthy food trend very well. For example Albert Heijn had a campaign for kids. I was all about growing your own vegetables. If you woud spend enough money in the supermarket, you would get some seeds and instruction on how to grow your own food. With this campaign the Albert Heijn makes kids more aware of what they are eating and where it comes from. This show the supermarkets are using the trend of healthy food, because parents want their kids to eat healthy and make it fun.

Eating more healthy can be quite expensive. People want to know what they eat and if it is healthy. They are even willing to pay a lot more if it is needed. In a survey that has been done amongst 30,000 individuals, 88% said they where willing to pay more for healthier foods. This means the healthy food trend is still growing and will go on for a while. This trend has impact on our daily life for example the type of product in our shops, and that is why healthy food is a meso trend. As all meso trends come forth out of a bigger maxi trend I think in this case that will be a healthy lifestyle.

This trend has been around for a while and it is only growing further. So where will we end up? A few months ago I saw an interview about food that had been made or grown in a laboratory. I found it quite fascinating but also a bit disturbing. Maybe all the food we eat in the future will laboratory’s so we will know exactly what’s in it. That means that we will only eats that what is necessary. It doesn’t sound very pleasing to me. How long do you think this trend will last and where will it end up? Would you eat food that had been made in a laboratory?

Thomas de Gilder


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2 thoughts on “Healthy food – Thomas de Gilder

  1. It is important that you support your thoughts and conclusions with strong arguments (e.g. statistics). So avoid not well founded sentences as “I think almost every city has a shop like that by now”. You also write about some researches/surveys that have been done, but you don’t mention by whom and when. One of the assessment criteria is the mention of references/sources according to the APA rules, also in the text. By now you are not making use of it. So have a look to and please add the references correctly where needed.
    For the rest you have addressed the right topics.

    Interesting closing question, however it can be answered with “yes” or “no” (closed question). Next time try to formulate open questions.
    [A small remark: biologische eten (Dutch) = organic food]


  2. – Peter Engelshove-

    I think that this trend is connected to the mega trend ‘sustainability’. People will care more and more about healthy living and maintaining the earth. So that’s why I think this trend will continue for a while. Food that is made in laboratories will be the future. Why should you waste animals and other natural products if these could also be made in laboratories or maybe even with 3D printers? A huge amount of waste could be prevented by 3D printers, because people will only print the amount of food that they want to eat. Besides there will be new kinds of food possible.

    “Consider a food source that’s not something you’d want to eat in its raw form but a good source of protein, like insects,” Lipson, director of Machines Lab said. “There’s an interesting advantage there — being able to make something that looks and tastes good from something that doesn’t” (Wiggers, 2015). Where this trend will end is hard to say, but I think that healthy food will keep existing anywise.

    Wiggers, K. (2015). 3D Food Printers: How They Could Change What You Eat. Retrieved 15 September, 2016, from


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