I’m never leaving my house again


As a student living in a dorm I often have random hungover couch sessions with my roommates. This basically means that we lay on the couch in our living room, share some water, memories from our last night and the struggle of being totally incapable of doing anything. Last week my roommate Jan and I had one of those moments and our main point of discussion was what to eat. Of course we didn’t feel like going getting out of the house, but as the simple students we are we didn’t have anything in house either. The easiest choice for us to make would be ordering food via an app like Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo or Foodora. But restaurant food is expansive and we are pretty broke from the night before.

Then all of a sudden the bell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone but Jan reminded he did. He opened the door and there she was, a beautiful young lady with a bag full of groceries. Turns out Jan had ordered his groceries at the online supermarket Picnic the day before but totally forgot about it. In the end we made a delicious but simple chicken stew.

Delivery services have been around for a long time, think way back; even the milkman would put the bottles in front of your house. But then came the convenience of a supermarket. Everything that you would need for the next week at the same place. But that effort still seems a bit too big, since the big supermarkets like Albert Heijn and Jumbo came up with their delivery services. Big issue with their service is that you have to order for at least €70, which is quite a lot if you are for example the lazy student my roommate is. However, at Picnic the minimal order amount is €25 and you can even set a delivery slot with the precision of half an hour. How neat is that?

The reason there are so many services offering home delivery has to do with the megatrend of comfort, people want to be comforted as much as possible. Every day new things get invented to make our lives a bit easier. The meso trend hooking on are the home delivery services. This is the way a consumer gets to experience the comfort. Within those home delivery services there are a lot of different companies with unique selling points, making them micro trends. But most of them try to be as green, quick, easy to use, personal and cheap as possible.

Back to Picnic, this little company has been active since September 30th 2015, but already has a huge base of regular customers[1][2]. And unlike the other home delivery services a lot of those regulars are people in the age group of 65+[3]. To get in touch with these people Picnic organises offline events to get to know their customers. As a result, they experience how easy the service of this micro trend is and they start using it more regularly. The customer is king and should always stay comfortable.

Because the delivery companies all try to have the most unique selling points the market is moving very quickly. People want healthier food, they want it more quickly delivered, it has to be delivered in a green way or it just simply has to be more cheap. The companies try to focus on different points, and depending of the lifecycle of the meso trends they try to adapt to, their own position on the lifecycle various. So what is going to be next, in delivery world. Hangover cures?


Written by Koen Bouman (1637728)


[1] Thijssen C., 08 – 06 – 2016, Picnic bezorgt eerder dan verwacht in heel utrecht, Retrieved on 9 – 9 – 2016 from http://www.duurzaambedrijfsleven.nl/retail/15379/picnic-bezorgt-eerder-dan-verwacht-in-heel-utrecht

[2] Garstenveld P., Meijsen J., 29 – 03 – 2016, Helft klanten Picnic bestelt wekelijks, Retrieved on 9 – 9 – 2016 from http://www.distrifood.nl/branche-bedrijf/nieuws/2016/3/helft-klanten-picnic-bestelt-wekelijks-10196533

[3] 10 – 02 – 2016, [Interview] Siebe Nooij van bezorgdienst Picnic, Retrieved on 9 – 9 – 2016 from http://www.marketingtribune.nl/b2b/nieuws/2016/02/interview-siebe-nooij-oprichter-van-picnic/index.xml


One thought on “I’m never leaving my house again

  1. Nice introduction with sense of humor. You argue that “comfort” is the megatrend behind home delivery services. However, you could also argue that comfort itself is also a mesotrend (consumer need) that rises from another megatrend; I would say “economic welfare”. Remember that megatrends are large social, economic, political, environmental or technological changes that are slow to form, and that they influence (for long time) wide range of activities, processes, perceptions. Just keep this in mind when writing your third article.

    What I miss in your article is the answer to the question where it sits in the trend life cycle, but the other questions are all answered. Please also have a look at how to refer to sources in the text (see apastyle.org).
    Overall good work.


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