Meso Trend – Vlogging is more than making movies; it is a lifestyle – Jacky Tegelaar, 09-09-2016

Vlogging is a very popular trend and started at the end of 2014. Vlogging is in fact a new sort of blogging, what already existed in 2006. (DOZ, 2016)

Vlogs are short movies about different subjects like lifestyle, food and traveling. The people who make the movies listen to the name vloggers. The most famous vloggers start with making movies for fun, and they can do it nowadays as a job. You can earn money if you have a certain amount of followers and likes on your movies, YouTube sell extra advertising space around movies with high ratings .The most vloggers who can earn money with their movies are famous vloggers like the Dutch Enzo Knol. (Kennisnet, 2016) For example Enzo Knol was in 2013 a normal Dutch guy of the age of twenty, now three years ago at the age of twenty-three he make movies about his own life and the game Mine craft every day. At the moment he have almost 1,5 million followers and this number become everyday more and more. By thousands looks at his movie he get 3 euro, which give him around the 300,000 euros a year. (Quotenet, 2015)

Vlogging is popular among young people between the age of twelve and twenty-two. For young people, vloggers feel like a big sister or brother. Vloggers let them see what to do in some daily situations. Young people are very uncertain and get more self-confidence by looking at their favourite vloggers. At the other side marketers can use these bloggers very well to bring the young people in contact with their brands. So that’s also the ways, how some famous vloggers can earn so much money. So sells the Chinese vlogger Papi Jiang advertisement time in her best movie for 3,1 million euros, normal people can only dream about this amount. (MetroXL, 2016),

Vlogging is a trend that almost exists for two years already. It came from the other trend called: “blogging”. Blogging is nowadays less popular, by the uprise of vlogging. At the moment vlogging is an emerging trend, what means that the notion flogging stays at the bottom in the trend pyramid. (TrendSetGo, 2014) In the future is it quite possible that vlogging will rise in the pyramid to a higher level. Vlogging is also a meso trend, because this trend is so important to a lot of young people, young people learning about the movies of the vloggers. Vlogging is actually also a way to talk to a big group: it has become a big social media channel for young people. So for young people is vlogging almost a life style, they learn about them vloggers and see the vloggers as a example.

In a real short time the trend vlogging is grown out till something big, there are much of vloggers in and outside the Netherlands. Some vloggers have a lot of followers, so much that they can make their profession of it. One of these vloggers is Roeslan Sokolovsky a young Russian man of twenty-two years old. But he did something stupid, he will give his followers a nice movie about how to catch a Pokémon in the cathedral of Jekaterinenburg, while he knew that news reports warning players could be jailed if they played the game in the church. Now his movie is watched almost one and a half million times, He becomes now accused offending religious people and detained for two months. It added that the penalty could reach up to five years in prison. (Volkskrant, 2016),

But there are more positive sounds about vlogging than bad sounds.

But now is my final question for you after reading this article: What is your opinion about vloggers?


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2 thoughts on “Meso Trend – Vlogging is more than making movies; it is a lifestyle – Jacky Tegelaar, 09-09-2016

  1. Nice topic and in your article you adress all the topics I asked for. However, you will have to check your sources. Your opening statement immediately makes me doubt the rest of the content of your article. Vlogging is much older than two years: e.g. see this article from 2010 about vlogging: So make sure your sources are correct. I could find this article just by typing in vlogging in Google. Another tip for the next article: try to come up with a more original closing question/statement. But overall good work.


  2. I think that there are bad parts of vlogging and good parts. For example, I think it’s not always that interesting and why vlogging if the shots are way better if someone else is filming? The good part is that it can take away insecurities from the people who watch and that it’s more real than a reality television show. Did you know about the vlogging they do in Korea? They film there self while they’re eating. It’s called Mukbang (CNBC, 2015). People get payed for eating with a live audience. The bad part is of course that they gain weight and that they sometimes have to do breaks to lose the weight again. But wouldn’t you love it? Eat for free at nice restaurants, because you’re advertising for the restaurant. Or do you think that goes too far? I think it’s too easy money making and really strange though. But maybe someday vlogging will go that far in the Netherlands as well. Maybe we’ll watching someone brushing his teeth in a few years.

    You’re saying that there are more positive sounds about vlogging then bad sounds. Then I ask myself: are there? Are there more good things about vlogging then the things you mentioned? There are probably more bad thinks about vlogging then you mentioned.

    Lara Uittenhout


    CNBC. (2015, May 05). Mukbang: How Koreans become stars through their love of food. Retrieved from


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