The brew of succes

Well, who doesn’t like coffee? If you ask someone out, you’ll probably go out for a cup of coffee. When you are hungover or just tired, you’ll get a nice hot cup as well. Even if your grandma visits you, the coffeemachine is already pumping hot black stuff. Coffee is just a popular drink we have been drinking for ages.

And why would it be a trend then? I mean it has been around for so long now, right? Well it is because (especially in Holland) coffee has created a completely different imago. A couple of years back people would also drink coffee, of course, but it wasn’t a hip product. It was associated with older people that pay eachother a visit, or maybe like a boring office job.

Nowadays that is a little different. Coffee is booming and the coffeebars are popping out of the ground everywhere. David Donde who is both a barista and owner of internationally renowned, Truth Coffee Shop says the growing culture on coffee has catapulted over the years.

“The growing culture has a few sources. Firstly, it’s a foodie culture, number two the rise of the cool coffee shops and finally the arrival of artisan coffee has really made people think and interact with the experience of enjoying coffee properly for the first time ever.”

Donde says technological innovations have also contributed to the practice.

“There have been technological advancements with better temperature control and better pressure control, but I think the most important thing with coffee is this concept we have stolen from wine ‘terroir’, the flavor of place. Where the coffee is grown and how it is grown has as much of an effect on the final product as everything else we do.”

If you would place coffee in the trend pyramid it would end up as a meso trend. Smaller coffee trends like piston coffee or something would be more fitting as a micro trend and coffee alone isn’t just big enough to reach a mega trend level. The mega trend would be social interaction. People are going out more then ever and coffee bars are one of many things to fill the need of social interaction.

Coffee has a deep and dark history, but the coffee trend I’m talking about was starting around the year 1992 when Starbucks was kind of the first big coffee chain and became more and more populair. In 1998 Starbucks has 5,715 stores worldwide, most of them residing in the U.S. In the U.S. coffee was becoming more populair and history shows us that the trends in America will always find their way in the rest of the world. So coffee became more populair in Europe and thus Holland as well. When the ‘organic, biologic, healthy etc.’ trend became a trend, the coffee trend grew enormously. Coffee is a product that can have a lot of back story. From where the berries are plucked to how they are dried and stuff like that. People love a back story of a coffee brand that will make them feel more like an ethical person when they drink the brew. To this day coffee is still one of the most populair drinks world wide and it’s not going anywhere.


Written by Olmo A. Borsboom (1666984)

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One thought on “The brew of succes

  1. You took an interesting topic that you defend as a messo trend. However, if you look at the description of a messo trend, you will see that it is about a consumer need and not about the answer (in the way of a product or service) to that consumer need. Your line of reasoning needs some work; this means that for this article you should reflect on the messo trend (consumer need) that it is related with coffee. I also miss the answer to the question where it sits in the trend life cycle. Besides, you mention some statistics but not the source where they come from. Next time try to find a few more sources (the content of this article seems to come from only two sources).
    In short, I recommend you to have a look at the slides and the assessment form in the student guide and make the needed adjustments to make sure your article is actually gradable. Please have also a look at how to refer to sources in the text (see and end your article with a provocative statement, that invites other students to comment.


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