The Freelancer Movement



When the internet breaking limits of space-time, virtual activities replaced the traditional ways of working gradually. Are you tired of 9-to-5 everyday? Maybe it’s time for changing. It’s a trend that more and more people choose to be self-employed, as freelancers. It means that you are more flexible to choose or change the type of the working mode you prefered.

IDC(International Data Corporation) divide freelancers into three parts : office-based, non-office-based, home-based. The new generation is changing the rules of games. Because of being good at using the internet, it’s easier to accomplish the works or projects without geographically restriction than ever before. You don’t have to go to the office to report back the working schedule everyday. Also, don’t worry about having not enough holidays so that you have to give up the chance to explore the world!  Nowadays, works can be accomplished anywhere.

A research shows that “Representing nearly 40% of the workforce, freelance will become mainstream.” Working solo can make you more freeing. That’s the main reason why people choose to be a freelancer and becomes a trend nowadays. Someone said if people working with joyful mood, the efficiency will grows proportionally. However, being a freelancer also means that you can schedule the daily plan. It’s more easing to lead the life temple you want.

Since online community has growing rapidly, the concept of the freelancer has been around for a decade. The amount of people who choose this kind of working mode is still growing now. A research shows that “By 2020, representing nearly 40% of the U.S. workforce will be independent workers. Today, there are already 53 million Americans (34% of the workforce) that fall into this category.” It’s the kind of social trend and in the mega position of the trend pyramid.

The life cycle of the freelancer goes when a worker starts to work independently. It’s different from the temporary workers. They have the direct relationship with the clients or the cooperators. “Attorneys, CMOs, and consultants with world-class training are choosing to work independently.” People won’t stop from woking on their own, and it will be on and on.

“I place a high focus on community to keep me accountable professionally. You have to find the balance of solo work and group work.” said the author of The Quarter Life Breakthrough 

Although as a freelancer is more freeing, but how to retain the working efficiency could be a good question to ask. Subsequently, co-working-space is now a good choice for them to advance the efficiency also be given a great chance to meet other workers. People can exchange opinions from each others easier. Thus, perhaps the guy sitting next to you would be the cooperative partner of your next project. Are you getting bored with working always the same 9-to-5 everyday? Try to be the manager of your own. It might make your work more fun and let the life filled with passion! 

Finally, when more and more people join to be a freelancer, would it replace the traditional way of working mode in the next generation?


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Photo by Maggie Shannon  


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