Terrorism, is it a trend?


By Adriaan de Bruin, 1639160

Terrorism has been around since we can remember. However lately we see a lot of terrorist attacks in the media. This led me to think about the question: “Is terrorism a trend?”.

First let me specify what kind of terrorism im writing about. The reasons behind a terrorist attack can vary. Sometimes its just a mentally unstable man that drives into a crowd during Queensday (“Queens Day”, z.j.) and sometimes its for a religious cause. For this article I’m writing about the terrorist attacks that where for a religious cause in West-Europe. These attacks seem to occur more often lately and the media give most of their attention to these attacks.

Why is this kind of terrorism a trend? The thing with these terrorist attacks is that the people that are behind these attacks have been trained, or as some people like to say, brainwashed. But why do you travel to Syria or Iraq in the first place? Young people have various reasons to do so. Since 9/11 and the response of the United States the radicalistic circles have been very triggered. Their way of seeing a democratic system as fraud and hypocrite is the main trigger behind the attacks, the freedom of opinion makes it so that islamics can be offended and made fun of, but they do not possess the freedom to speak for themselves. Offensive things like the drawings of the French Charlie Hebdo are one of those things they cannot allow. But things like the burqa ban in the Netherlands are also a source of irritations.

The islamic state is a safe home for islamic people. People speak their language, behave the way their religion tells them too, and are all on the same line. In the Netherlands, and other West-European countries its normal to walk on the streets with short dresses and slightly provocative clothing. However when a muslim man comes home his environment changes drastically. This is where it feels safer to go to a islamic state.

So the reason why I think terrorism is a trend is the way it grows. Islamic terrorism seems to occur more lately. Because Western society is being more free in their behavior. Our culture is very free, nobody finds it strange whenever a naked woman is standing in the middle of Dam square. We think its probably art. But these freedoms are in the eyes of very religious people offending, so I think the amount of freedom we have stands parallel with the growth of terrorism.

I think if we’re talking about Terrorism it takes the form of a micro trend. The trend doesn’t have time to grow, because the whole world is trying to take it down. Therefore it doesn’t seem long before it will stop again. My guess is that terrorism is at the top of its lifecycle. It seems to occur less these days, and may eventually stop.

However, is Terrorism a trend? That question remains to be answered. My answer is yes, however a lot of other perspectives tend to say no. I do think the reasons behind terrorism are very clear. The difference between freedom and a steady religion are too big and create friction. Therefore it most certainly has relevance for the subject Terrorism. Without limits, there is no real freedom.

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One thought on “Terrorism, is it a trend?

  1. First of all, I like that you took a topic that you are interested in and based on an interesting article. However, it is a very complicated topic and this asks for a lot of sound reasoning and very clear definitions. I think, also based on the figure you used above, it is save to say that terrorism as such is not a trend. However, you could argue that there are trends in terrorism and extreme Islam seems to be a trend in terrorism at the moment. What is also hard to answer is the questions I asked you to answer in your article. If this is the micro trend, what would be the consumer need behind it? Personally I think the impact on society is so large, you could say we are dealing with a megatrend here. Today 9/11 is 15 years ago… If you start there, the pyramid is also easier to follow: because of this type of terrorism, we see the need of consumers to feel safe, to protect themselves, etc. Examples of ‘Brands’ that play into this are certain politicians, but also security measures in airports, etc. It is understandable that you were not able to fill out the pyramid now, but you will need to do that and also supported by sources. Because why do you think it will be gone so quickly? I don’t want your opinion on that, but sources that support this idea. You don’t have to change this article, but make sure next time you answer all the questions and support the anwers with the sources.


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