Adidas Shoes ‘its evolution from tennis standby to cultural touchstone.’

Almost everyone has one pair in their closet, The Adidas sneakers. The shoes were already a trend in 1960. 1973 is the year Stan Smith (famous tennis player) had his own collection, this shoe became an icon. The sneakers were sold enormously that they made it in the “Guinness Book of Records.”

The sneakers are not expensive (around $75), celebrities and fashion icons wear them and they are comfortable. A very good choice when you are searching for a new pair of shoes.



Why is it a trend? Adidas sneakers are a trend because of its vintage look. Vintage is aim used a lot by product or micro trends to become popular. The sneakers are a hype that made a comeback from the ’60. Adidas sneakers are that well-liked it has a lot of copies. Isabel Marant for example made a sneaker which looks exactly the same but like four times more expensive. It’s a sign that the shoe has a serious moment.



The Adidas sneaker in particular is a micro trend. The meso trend behind this trend is wearing sneakers. Sneakers are comfortable shoes. They are a not a hype anymore because it’s already a trend for more than 10 years. The mega trend will be feeling comfortable.

What also could be the meso trend behind the Adidas sneakers is ‘vintage’. The sneakers are from 1960. Vintage is a way to aim for durable. The cheap brands are growing and durable products are becoming popular. The main mega trend is willing to bring the old back. It has a bit nostalgia to the past and the feeling that everything was better in the old days.



The Adidas sneaker is in the product lifecycle & adoption at stage 4. This is the ‘Maturity’ stage. Adidas sneakers are on their highest point. They won’t grow anymore according my opinion. The hype is already standing for at least 4 years. The only way of more publicity is a new marketing stunt. The trend has a lot of followers. That’s why the shoes are in their late majority. The current market of the sneakers is ‘known for a while’ because it was a hype also a hype in the ’60. Adidas sneakers are hot again. In 2001 the shoe had a major comeback, especially in the urban circle.



The Stan Smith collection is the most popular collection of the brand. Arthur Hoeld, GM for Adidas Originals, told the sneakers are sold more than 40 million pairs worldwide. Pharrell Williams, a famous singer now, also had a collection with hand painted shoes.

Now there is a new collection of the Adidas shoe. This collection was a big hype 2 years ago. Now the brand has a new collection on the market with model and fashion icon, Kate Moss, as inspiration. They try with an old photo of her wearing the Gazelle shoes from Adidas to establish a new hype, like the Stan Smiths, but now with the Gazelle sneaker. The use of celebrities is a very big marketing point looking at this brand. Is this a good publicity skill? Is it more exciting to wear the sneakers a celebrity also has? Or does it not influence you?

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One thought on “Adidas Shoes ‘its evolution from tennis standby to cultural touchstone.’

  1. I believe that the use of celebrity endorsement is always beneficial towards the success of a certain product. When it comes to fashion, celebrities are the leading trendsetters as they gain the most exposure from a target audience. People are more likely to pay attention to an advertisement or promotion if they recognise a famous figure instead of a regular brand promotion. Celebrities may also set the standard for what type of stereotypes, characteristics and values are attached to the product. For example, if David Beckham is promoting a new pair of Adidas trainers this is aimed more towards a younger audience than David Hasselhoff advertising a pair of boots, for instance. However I believe that not everyone will be interested in a product for solely these reasons. Personally, I am not bothered by the fact that celebrities endorse certain products. If I were to buy a pair of trainers, it would be based on what catches my eye, personal taste and other factors. Seeing a pair of shoes advertised by a celebrity would not influence me at all, it actually may prevent me from purchasing the shoes because I know that many others would copy the trend. In my opinion, it is boring to copy a style, no matter who may be promoting it. However everyone has their own taste and the industry is making sure they make the most
    of this.

    Written by Henry Gibson


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