Can someone make this trend stop?

Thomas de Gilder – Micro trend: 3D movies

Ever since I opened my eyes, I went to the movie theatre. I still remember the first movie is saw. It was pinokkio. Now u are probably wondering when I saw this movie because it was released back in 1940, but apparently they showed the movie again in the theatre. These days I still go to the cinema quite often and most of those movies are 3D. When I want to see a movie with some friend there are always some people that want to see it in 3D and some don’t. It is becoming more popular than ever, and that is exactly the topic I want to discuss in this blog.

A lot of movies are being released in 3D for the last couple of years. Most of the times these are the big blockbusters, for instance Star Wars The Force Awakens, Batman vs. Superman, and probably all the Marvel superhero movies. More than 70 movies have been released in 3D in the last 2 years. (Hughes, 2014) This trend in making 3D movies made the number of screens rise very fast in just a few years. In 2006 there where only 258 screens and in 2015 we had 74,562. (Statista, 2016) This really shows it started small and grew over time into a trend. Of Course this micro trend is part of a meso and mega trend. I think the meso trend could be the need to be entertained. And then there is also the mega trend. This could be about being distracted of busy daily life.

I Think I’m not the only one who doesn’t like movies in 3D. In 2011 there has been done a survey amongst visitors of 3D movies. Only one third of the spectators were having no trouble watching the movie in 3D. Some people got headaches or others just didn’t like it. (Vatolin, 2016) We can only guess why these 3D movies are still being made, but I think every one will say the magic word: money! A normal ticket for the cinema in the Netherlands will cost u about 10 euro, but when u are going to see a movie in 3D it will cost u 13 euro. This means the movie will almost make 1/3 of the normal price extra! This is sad news for a lot of people because this means 3D movies will be around for some time.

Personally I don’t like where this trend is going. It is still growing because we are not even at the peak of the life cycle. We have to deal with these 3D movies for a while. Of course there are a lot of people that like to watch a movie in 3D, but for those who don’t, Use these glasses: With these glasses you can watch 3D as if it is 2D. At last I want to find out what you think about 3D movies. In just a few years this trend had been growing so fast. Do you like where this trend is going?

Thomas de Gilder


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5 thoughts on “Can someone make this trend stop?

  1. Ebba Lindström 2016-09-15

    I totally agree with you that the 3D trend is a bit annoying and a great example of a way to earn money. When speaking to my friends about this phenomena, we all think that 3D movies is a strange thing that gives us a headache and costs us money. And the most strange thing is that we, in most cases, don’t even have a choice! And as you were pointing out, the cinemas, or well, the film companies, sees this as an opportunity to make almost one third more than a regular movie costs us.

    But in a way, I understand the hype. It makes the movie experience something extra than just watching a movie on a big screen. It is a proof of distinct developed technique, a thing that many people want to use and become associated with. Let’s take the 3D TV as an example. Several tech bloggers argue the this product was just an hype when launching. A short lived phenomenon that no one could escape from and as soon as it has got to everyone the interest dropt instantly (Ponten, 2016).

    Some of the reasons why 3D TV didn’t become a long lived trend is the high costs and the struggle with the glasses (Leetaru, 2016), a step backwards when anything else simplifies.

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  2. The 3D movies are a very interesting topic. As you addressed, companies make more money out of 3D movies than just regular movies. This is the reason why the amount of 3D movies is growing. The strange thing is that a big group of people don’t like watching a movie with these specifications. So it looks like companies are forcing us to watch 3D movies, just as Ebba addressed in her comment. So if you look at this closer, it looks like the film companies are creating a trend for the consumers. We are forced to follow a trend without having a choice.

    Actually there are many things in life that we are being forced to use, for example the ‘ov-chipkaart’ in the Netherlands. Many people didn’t like it in the first place, but they didn’t have a choice but to use it. I feel like it is the same with the 3D movies.

    Lastly to give you an answer on your questions, I don’t think highly about 3D movies, just like you. As it comes to watching movies, I do it when I feel lazy. When I need to put glasses on, I think I have to but more effort in to looking at the screen and trying to keep my glasses on. So I don’t like where this trend is going, due to the fact that I don’t like it and being forced more to watch these kind of films, because they are more available than 2D movies.

    -Lilian Casson 15-09-’16-


  3. Hello Thomas,

    When you said your first film you saw in the movie theatre was Pinokkio I immediately thought of the first movie I remember seeing in the movie theatre, Finding Nemo. I also remember the first 3D film I saw in 2011; Nova Zembla. We went to the movie theatre that evening all being way to excited to see a film in 3D. But let me tell you, it wasn’t what I had hoped for.

    It started with the glasses. Sitting there for almost 2 hours with glasses that felt irritating on my face. Then the quality of the movie itself. I thought the movie would be of a way better quality than a ‘normal’ film. For me I didn’t feel like there was much of a difference. Besides that I felt dizzy halfway through.

    So I totally agree with you when you say; “Can someone make this trend stop?” I think like you said this is a micro trend and it is still growing because it is still the best quality way of displaying a movie however I expect that as soon as someone comes up with an idea that can show movies in the same quality or even better way without the glasses that the trend will go downhill fast. Cause like you said most people (2/3) don’t even like watching movies in 3D.

    What do you think for how long will this trend last? Isn’t it weird that a trend still last even though now one really likes it?

    Merle Veurman 1636541

    IMDB. Nova Zembla (2011). Retrieved 15 September 2016 from


  4. Hi Thomas.

    Pinokkio, childhood memories. What a great way to start your blog!
    The very first movie i saw in 3D was toy story 3, even more childhood memories. I thought it was pretty cool at first. Later i had a Barbie dvd at home with 3D glasses. it was terrible. The glasses were blue and red and i couldn’t see a thing. I got a terrible headache, and messed up my eyes. So thats where my thing against 3D started.

    The very worst film i ever saw in 3D was Titanic in 3D. Not that i don’t like the movie ‘Titanic’, i quite like it actually. But wow, what a waste of money and time. We had to pay, I believe, about 15 euros to sit in the theater for three hours, watching the subtitles in 3D. I’m not even kidding. In the entire movie, only the subtitles were in 3D! Still getting mad just thinking about it right now. The reviews also weren’t that great for all that matters (Telegraph, 2012).

    So if you would’ve asked me back then if i liked where this trend is going, I definitely would have told you no. I probably would have screamed it. But my mind has changed due to the last movie i saw in the theater for about a week ago. I saw suicide squat in 3D. I walked in the theater to get my tickets and then I saw the movie was in 3D. Bummer. I asked my boyfriend if he still wanted to go and he did, guess I had no choice. 2 hours later, the movie was finished, I was so surprised. I loved the movie, and the 3D part as well. How much it has developed from stupid paper glasses to a comfortable pair. My eyes were perfectly fine, as well as my head.

    How do you think 3D glasses will develop even further in the future?

    Telegraph. (2012, 4 april). Titanic 3D, review. Consulted on 15-09-2016 off


  5. 3D movies are getting more and more popular and there is indeed nothing we can do about it. Not everyone agrees with a 3D movie but they don’t have a choice. As you stated, they even have to pay more than for the regular ticket they prefer. I see why this is bothering you and a lot of other people but there more to the picture. 3D movies are relatively new and as you know mankind always have to get used to something before they can accept it. In the birth of a new concept, 3D movies in this case, you will always find people complaining because they always watched their movies in 2D. Personally I think we will get used to it and after a while even see 2D movies as history. You also have to take in mind that more and more monitors and screens are developed with a 3D function which means more and more households will watch 3D movies in time. You also stated that 3D movies are still in progress. When in time the 3D aspect will be finetuned with new technology (watching the movies without glasses as an example) people will grow on it. I think that in a few years everyone will be watching 3D video’s on all kind of devices and won’t turn back to 2D.

    Olmo Borsboom – 1666984


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