Cigarets with a ‘flavor’

The reason i chose this subject for my second blog about a micro trend is because is smoke myself. I smoke click cigarettes, so I have two choices at the moment.

  1. I have to stop smoking
  2. I have to start smoking normal cigarets again.

I guess the first one would be the more likely choice. If i start smoking normal cigarets again with just simple tobacco flavor my voice and my throat would be dying. But to stop smoking completely, that is gonna be a tough challenge.

This because the government here in the Netherlands have decided that all click and light cigarets will be no longer available in the stores.  Their goal is to have all cigarets with “flavor” out of the stores by the end of May 2017.

A full quote from the Dutch government:

“It will be illegal to produce cigarets and shag with a characteristic flavor other than tobacco. For products that were produced before May 20t 2016, there is a sale term until May 20t 2017.” (2016, Rijksoverheid)

In other different countries like Australia, Ireland and Norway is the smoking ban already far more advanced. (2011, De Ridder) In most public places smoking isn’t aloud at all. Europe is trying to come to the same rules, seeing that studies show that the 40% less younker start smoking (2008, Siegel).

Smoking cigarets with a flavor was definitely a trend. If we look at some numbers: in The Netherlands over 3,6 million people smoked. about 40% of that group smoked cigarets with a different taste than tobacco. (2015, Gezondheidsenquete). If we do some quick math, 1.4 million people just here in The Netherlands smoking cigarets with a flavor. The only thing i’m not totally sure about is if it is a micro trend or a mega trend. This seems weird but it is a micro trend in every way of the word because it’s a brand, or at least a part of a brand. But if we look at years, it looks more like a mega trend. Seeing that menthol cigarets for example already started in the 1920s (Rijksinstituut voor volksgezondheid en milieu) , and the trend is just ending now, that’s a trend for almost 100 years! So that is what makes me doubt. But seeing that it i a specific brand makes me lean to it being a micro trend.

If we look at the lifecycle of click/menthol cigarets it’s in it’s decline phase. Just look at the table over here. (you see the amount of people in %) You see a serious decrease. If you compare how many man smoked cigarets with flavor in the 1950’s to now, thats a decrease of 15%. Thats almost half! (N.E.T, 2015).

schermafbeelding-2016-09-14-om-10-02-03So I have two questions for you to think about.

  1. If you are a smoker, go back to the introduction of this blog, you see there will be two options, which one would you chose and why?
  2. I spoke about my doubts if this is a micro or a mega trend (or perhaps even a meso trend?) help me. What kind of trend do you think this is? And why?



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Emmie van de Bunt 1661186



One thought on “Cigarets with a ‘flavor’

  1. Hi Emmi,

    I would stop smoking completely. If you don’t like the taste of normal cigarettes this could be the perfect opportunity to get rid of a very bad habit. Of course it will be hard, but you can always remind yourself of the fact that smoking will never be as satisfying as it was now that you can’t smoke click cigarettes anymore.

    I thinks it’s a good thing the government is taking the flavored cigarettes of the market. It makes smoking way more attractive to younger people. In the end it only costs you your money and your health. Why not try to stop people before they even start by making smoking less attractive (by making the product more expensive and less attractive). (Europese unie mag mentol sigaretten verbieden, 2016)

    I think click and light cigarettes are a micro trend. A mega trend changes the world and the way we look at the world. I don’t think click cigarettes changed our vision on the world. It’s a trend on productlevel. This makes click cigarettes a micro trend.

    Marleen Weissenburger


    Europese unie mag mentol sigaretten verbieden. (2016, April 4). Retrieved January 12, 2018, from


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