Nike Fuel band

In my first blog I was telling about healthy living. A lot of people are busy with being healthy. There are a lot of products and apps that can help you with that. Think a bout Runtastic, healthy from apple, but also: The Nike fuel band (Trendwatching, 2012). This band around your wrist remembers and saves everything you do during the day. It measures the steps you take, your movements, your calories and the activities during the day.


This trend belongs under the meso trend ‘healthy living’ and the mega trend ‘individualisation’. The trend is a micro trend because it was popular for a few years but now there are more products that can help you messure your health so the popularity is already going done. I think this trend is already ended because of the endless other options to life healthy. It is in your phone or maybe smartwatch, ore in the near future there might be a chip that helps you with it.


There are al lot of articles in the years 2014 and 2015 saying you shouldn’t wear the band anymore, because it doesn’t work that well ore because of the fact that there are lot of different ways to messure your activities. Even Nike tells that in different articles. In one article (Miles, 2015) they literally say: ‘Take it off’. Nike released a app for Apple so you can get rid off the fuel band. This even confirms more that this is a micro trend. It has a short popularity but didn’t last longer than a few years.

What do you think, will be the next step? How are we going to messure all our body information in the future, in a even more easy way then with our phone?

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One thought on “Nike Fuel band

  1. Interesting read, performance analysis is a great tool for anyone who is keen on their fitness. Monitoring your activity really helps motivate the user to track their progress and see how well (or worse) they have done over time. This can prove useful for the user and point them in the right direction. Regarding your question, I think the current top-of-the-range technology will slowly become more accessible to consumers. At the moment only professional athletes and sportspeople have the ability to get fully checked and tracked by innovative equipment. I believe this type of equipment will gradually become more portable so users can access it through apps, smart-watches etc.

    Technology offers many possibilities for fitness, being an avid gym-goer myself, I enjoy seeing the progress I have made over time. I would like to see a gadget or piece of equipment that tracks the weight that I lift and then measures whether I should lift heavier or maintain the weight depending on how I want to reach my goal. However there is only so far that technology can take us, at the end of the day fitness is down to us as human beings. We should not rely on technology to do tasks that we can simply perform ourselves, sometimes it is best to do things the old fashioned way.


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