Sound innovation

Sound innovation – Written by Solji Kim


The scientific journal, ‘The Science Times’ has said that humans, from the embryonic stage, are more exposed to auditory stimulation and that it affects brain development significantly. Thus among various senses, hearing has been developed with more emphasis to increase the range of perception. It has been found that visual memory lasts for 1-2 seconds and hearing memory lasts for 4-5 seconds which shows that people remember sounds better than visual things. (jeahungjo, 2015) Accordingly, focusing on synesthesia where hearing becomes a main sense, many ways are shown to stimulate people’s senses and remain in their memories. Also, utilizing the “hearing marketing,” marketability and sensibility aspect can be shown which stimulates customers to experience brands more effectively (designDB, 2015).

Sensory marketing has been strategically used by corporations and designers from long ago to stimulate human’s senses and induce spending. However, as synesthesia became more important recently, user perception, sense, behavior, and preference are being analyzed to use hearing in service sector, UX&UI, IOT etc. This article will select sensory marketing as mesotrend and services and products that use hearing as microtrend and examine the add value.

Banda agency has introduced to a street of Ukraine a special “piano vending machine” which induces people to play piano and give Boriomi mineral water as a reward (heybanda, 2014). This unusual promotion was done during a festival and instantly attracted many people’s interest. Regardless of one’s ability to play piano, people would come and play the piano at random and it gave them much joy and spirit which seemed to reflect the atmosphere of the festival.

Music affects human intimately and when piano was played, its sound assimilated with the surrounding atmosphere and people around it were joyful as they listened to the music. What this shows is that the element of hearing is an effective tool to stimulate a person’s senses and   induce happiness. It is very interesting to see that this kind of unexpected hearing promotion at a public place can give an exotic experience to people and induce them to joyfully communicate with each other and participate.

A vending machine, which is easy to find in our daily lives, is becoming a marketing tool where people can experience branding and using the hearing element, it is promoting  companies as well as their images. And, Boriomi’s vending machine promotion of their mineral water used the music appropriately and earned good reputation as people did not have to pay for their water with money but with their random performance. A creative way of paying associated with the element of hearing is a strategy that could fill people’s mind with good impression about the company and its products and it is very much anticipated that this method be used widely. This shows that this microtrend has great growth. And it is still growing in the life cycle of Sensory marketing.

Companies actively use a sense of hearing to solidify their brand identity and induce brand experience by providing fun promotions and constant exposure of their brands. Moreover, a sense of hearing is widely used to effectively promoting functions of their products as well as raising public awareness, inducing positive activities, and solving social issues. A sense of hearing will  induce sympathy and intellectual empathy to deliver various messages to people.

Have you seen a promotion or a product that uses a sense of hearing? How did it affect you and what was the difference compared to a simple visual promotion?


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