Quickly hoverbored

Let’s start with clarifying that a hoverboard doesn’t actually hover. The board with two wheels on the side became very populair last year and you’ve probably spotted a few people riding them. Mostly kids. It kinda became some status symbol and a replacement for walking.

When celeberties were spotted riding on their hoverboard suddenly the hoverboards became extremely populair. In no time you saw people riding hoverboards in the cities. A lot of stores put one of them in front in their windows differentiating from toy stores to electronic stores, selling them for around 300,- euros. There was even this guy who made a song about one:

Despite this lyrically brilliant performance and all the positive things the hoverboard brought to us there was also a downside. Some people became scared of the idea that people will be crossing on motorized vehicles with 9 kilometers per hour and flashy led lights. They feared for the safety of the people. Also after a while of use the first hoverboards started crashing. There were a lot of reported cases of hoverboards that were exploding and catching fire (1). A little while after that the U.S. government had officialy declared any hoverboard on the market unsafe. A lot of retailers pulled the hoverboards from their shelves. With most of the larger stores shutting hoverboard sales down, consumers unconcerned or unaware of the safety issues could only buy the hoverboards at smaller retail outlets and online markets (2). Eventually less and less people were buying the boards in the U.S. and so they became less populair. And how the trend started in the U.S., it also ended in the U.S.

The hoverboard trend is definitely a micro trend. The lifespan was around a year, starting in 2015 and ending in 2016. Also there wasn’t a consumer need for a new way of transportation.

Maybe the hoverboard is just one of the few steps that will lead us to whole different ideas about transportation. Maybe one day we might actually reacht the point where people are ‘hovering’ around the globe… What do you think?


Written by Olmo A. Borsboom (1666984)

1) Nosey Staff., 28- 12 – 2015, De opkomst en ondergang van het hoverboard, de onwaarschijnlijke trend van 2015 in muziekland, Retrieved on 14 – 9 – 2016 from http: https://noisey.vice.com/nl/article/de-opkomst-en-ondergang-van-het-hoverboard-de-onwaarschijnlijke-trend-van-2015-in-muziekland

2) Strange A., The rise and fall of the hoverboard, Retrieved on 9 – 9 – 2016 from: http://mashable.com/2016/04/16/rise-and-fall-hoverboard/#e0mc1.gSukqR


One thought on “Quickly hoverbored

  1. I remember suddenly seeing the hoverboards everywhere. Mostly in videoclips of rappers. What I thought was kind of weird because they where acting like it was cool or something. When I was thinking of a topic to write about the hoverboard also crossed my mind but I thought it was more some sort of hype or craze. U arguments on this trend are good and I think this is indeed a micro trend.

    The lifespan of this trend is longer than I thought at first. There are still some people riding these hoverboards but the trend is slowly becoming less popular. As u already wrote I also think this is just the start of new ways of transportation. Besides riding theses kinds of transportation is fun is can also be very handy. Maybe the hoverboard aren’t, but the Segway’s for example can be helpful in a lot of situations. I often did a guided tour on a bike when I was visiting a foreign city like Barcelona. I can imagine there are a lot of people who would like to use a Segway on a guided tour, just because walking large distances isn’t always that pleasant. I do think we will have more of these type of transportation in the future.

    Thomas de Gilder


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