Tiny miracle technology.

carbon-nanotubeBy Adriaan de Bruin, 1639160

We use technology these days for everything, we have internet, we use it in sciences, but technology seems to make a leap forward in biology at the moment. Nanotechnology is a very big upcoming trend in the biology department. It’s used for curing the human body, creating new life and multiple other things. It is a combination between technology from the semiconductor industry and biotechnology. It has the potential to end world hunger, create something on a molecular level and cure diseases like cancer, alzheimers and even aging.

Nanotechnology is a trend because it has a huge impact on the world, the technology is so futuristic that it wil solve enormous amounts of problems in the world. It’s a real thing of this century though. The trend has started to grow only recently, but has breakthroughs with mostly technologic solutions. Only recently (source: Carbon nanotubes) was announced that a special carbon conductor outperforms any of our recent ways of transporting data. The trend can be described as a megatrend, it influences the whole world, and will probably last for a long time. Nanotechnology is here to stay!

The lifecycle of nanotechnology is probably in its beginnings, it clearly has a long way to go an is not even close to its peek. The technology has a lot of potential and is probably one of the most important trends of our future.

There are many ethic questions and statements about nanotechnology though. There are critics who ask if it is ethically responsible to allow people to, for instance, create life. Can we be our own god? Are we allowed to make these kinds of choices?


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