Marleen Weissenburger 1662856 – 9 september 2016

Enzo Knol, Beautygloss, StukTV, MonicaGeuze … Weekly and sometimes even daily vloggers share their lives with their viewers. Some vlogs discuss or inform about a specific theme like make up, gaming or pranking. Other vlogs are just an insight in the live of the vlogger. Most of the vloggers didn’t expect their channels to become so big. They started posting videos for fun, but the attention for vlogging increased. Today the most popular Dutch vlogs have about 1 million subscribers.

Vlogging is a micro trend that comes from the maxi trend of the need to non-stop share everything we do. This trend comes from the megatrend of digitalization. By making a vlog you can have a look inside someone else’s life. Vlogging is not a craze or a hype because it’s a result of our changing social environment; people want to share what they are doing, and people want to know what other people are doing. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter were the first social media platforms to embrace this need to share. Vlogging is a pretty new trend compared to these social media platforms (since 2014), but it is becoming more popular every day

In the trend life cycle vlogging is still in the fase of growth. Vloggers are getting more influential. Big brands and companies are collaborating with vloggers. The pay vloggers to promote their product in their video’s.
Vlogging used to be for younger people. But more and more older people (mothers, fathers, teachers and older fashion vloggers) are starting to make and to watch vlogs. This is also proof that vlogging is still growing.

What do you think? Are vlogs about someone’s life interesting to watch? Or are they just boring video’s with no message?

Micro trend – Vlogging
Maxi trend – The growing need to share everything with everyone.
Megatrend – Digitalisation


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7 thoughts on “VLOGS

  1. I think you make a good readable text. Maybe you make your article well a little bit longer. You can give examples, or you can dwell on.

    I also make an article about this subject, with the same mistake. Vlogs are there longer than 2014. Steve Garfield launched his own video blog and declared that year “the year of the video blog. (Google, 2016)
    Maybe you can tell what pranking is, not everybody knows this. I thought that vlogging was a meso trend because, this trend is so important to a lot of young people, young people learning about the movies of the vloggers. Vlogging is actually also a way to talk to a big group: it has become a big social media channel for young people.
    I think vlogs help young children to be more confident. Children learn about the vloggers and see them as a big brother or sister. I think some vlogs can help people with their problems, and not only young people.
    I did this summer a project for CosmoGIRL!, for this project I never look at vlogs. But nowadays sometimes I catch myself that I look to a vlog. Also big brands can use a vlogger to make their brand more famous at the target group. The target group takes more to the vlogger than of the brand.
    What is your own opinion about vlogs? I think if you tell more about your opinion, you can make your article more personal. Blogs were there before the vlogs, maybe you can tell also something about that.
    Google, (2016) Public Relations and the social web. Retrieved 14 September 2016 from
    Jacky Tegelaar – 1663539


  2. Your article includes all the asked topics but it is quite short (ca. 310 words). You could have given examples to make your article more attractive for the reader, for example mentioning who were the first vloggers or what kind of brands are collaborating with vloggers and with what for result. Anyway, one of the requirements is that the articles should consist of at least 500 words. So, keep this in mind for you next articles and have a look at the assessment form in the student guide, to make sure that they fill up all the requirements.
    Your articles will be also more convinced when you support your arguments with statistics from relevant sources; and always compare different sources to figure out if the information is reliable. Also you need to look into the APA-style referral system. In the text of this article are not using it at all (see apastyle.org).
    Good closing question; I wonder how your fellow students think about.

    P.S. Your first article on this trend blog was supposed to be about a messotrend. Since you are talking here about a microtrend, you still need to post an article in which you discusses a messotrend.


  3. I think you choose a good topic to write about and the question you left us with. I actually think most of those video are indeed just boring video’s with no message. Of course not all of them but I think a big part doesn’t do anything but entertaining us.

    The question you left u with is something I already often thought about. I even discussed this topic with my friends a few times. Why are television series like Big Brother and De Gouden Kooi (a dutch reality show) so popular? Those series just show some people locked up I a specific place doing nothing actually. Most of the time the videos or television series where people get humiliated or do embarrassing things are most popular. For example Enzo Knol. In the top 10 most popular videos of his channel there are 5 videos where something goes wrong. He breaks his arm or he is involved in some kind of fight. His most popular video has almost 3 million views. The video shows his girlfriend that gets unwell and the ambulance had to get here to the hospital. (Enzo Knol, 2015) I could not find any scientific proof of why people like these videos or series, but for some reason people are just curious.

    Thomas de Gilder

    Enzo Knol. (2015, september 23). BLIJF BIJ ME! – ENZOKNOL VLOG #777. Retrieved september 16, 2016, from Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPd93auXvLc


  4. I think you choose a interesting topic. I think watching vlogs about someone’s life is interesting. For me, my reason for watching can be a little different for each Vlogger. Some inspire and motivate me, others are just funny people, and others have a touching story that initially pulls you in and you keep watching to see it unfold. I think the emotional attachment is a big thing. With some people, you almost feel personally invested in their lives, similar to how you feel about friends or family. And even with my friends and family, I have a different relationship with each of them. Some of my friends I mainly talk about sports, others business and then with closer friends we talk about pretty much everything.
    I hope that makes sense what I am getting at. Basically watching vloggers is a way to feel connected with and interested in other people similar to having in person relationships

    Solji Kim

    Bibliography https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keEdvNZfMKQ


  5. Hi!

    I’m not much in to vloggers or watching vlogs at all. I prefer to watch a good music video or something. I do actually think that most of the vlogs don’t contain much serious information. These blogs about the normal life of a teenager? come on. It looks like a reallife soap, which are actually fully directed.

    I think this has to do with, as you said, people wanting to share everything but also, the newer generation that has nothing else to do. They don’t play outside or play boardgames, just phones. Always, everywhere. as a big sister of a thirteen year old i can confirm that.

    I read that there is also a psychologic mechanism behind these vlogs. At first i was skeptic but now i understand. These vlogs help doubtful people and especially teenagers to fit in. (Young works,2014) What do they wear? How do they deal with the other sex and what do they think it’s cool? Kids and teenagers can compare themselves to a lot of situations in these vlogs. So it teaches them about standards and values which of course is a good thing. Does it make me want to watch vlogs? No absolutely not.

    How do you feel about this psychologic mechanism? Do you believe it, or do you think it’s just an excuse?

    Emmie van de Bunt

    Youngworks. (2014, 8 november). JONGEREN & VLOGGEN: DE POPULARITEIT VAN NIETSZEGGENDE VIDEO’S. Consulted on 20-9-2016 http://www.youngworks.nl/jongeren-vloggen-de-populariteit-van-nietszeggende-videos/


  6. What do you think? Are vlogs about someone’s life interesting to watch? Or are they just boring video’s with no message?

    Personally I don’t think that vlogs are that interesting to watch. I tried to watch some vlogs by Enzo Knol, but I didn’t understand the whole fuzz. Probably because I am not a part of his targetgroup. Like you stated in your article, vlogs are mainly for younger people. I haven’t come across a vlog that I really liked, although sometimes I do watch some very short vlogs by certain quite unknown bands. Mainly because I see them on Facebook, I am not subscribed or anything.

    Until some extend they might be boring videos with no message, but on the other hand, if you do gather quite a big group of followers, you can easily influence them. A vlog might started as a joke but a vlogger can definitely influence people. For example by working together with certain brands, or perhaps by the pranks they perform or certain jackass like actions. They might create a hype or go viral as a vlogger. In that case it is no longer a video without a message.

    I do wonder sometimes about the reason why people would like to watch vlogs. I do understand the mesotrend behind vloggers, wanting to share their lives, but why would anyone want to watch this? What do you think?

    – Cashmyra Rozendaal


  7. Personally I think vlog are overrated. I do like tutorials about make-up or hair but they show you how something works. In a vlog there is person who shows what he or she does all day every day. The trend of being social is going according to vlogs way to far.
    On the contrary my little sister of 12 is watching it all of the time. She love it and even has her favorite bloggers who she can follow on youtube.
    The target group of vlogs are children which are in their puberty. They are in a phase friends are becoming more important. For every child it is necessary to fit in the group. In vlogs kids can see how other children of their ago are doing. They can follow their daily life and look if they fit in.
    The vlogs are a big hit in that age and is shows that indeed it is a trend. But to my opinion the vlogs will not last that long. I think it is a temporary trend what will stay for like a few years. Do you think vlogs will became a meso trend or do you also think they will disappear?

    Lauren van Sambeek 1659140


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