Vintage is booming business?

All the thinks of the past come back in fashion. So nowadays are vintage clothes again back in the fashion. In Holland and Belgium there are even vintage kilo sales were you could buy vintage clothes, shoes and bags per kilo. (2016, Vintageperkilo) Vintage is not only fashion, when you wear vintage clothes you help the world make a little bit better. If everybody recycles products in the world, than we create a better environment. Vintage is by this way also a feeling of nostalgia and sociability.(2016, Trendbubbles)

What is vintage actually? They are products of the years 1920 till the 1980’s. Vintage is a trend because a lot of people use it to make their own style. They let see how they look opposite the world. The vintage trend is at the moment on Meso level. It is a trend on mess level because there are a lot people who love the trend and hereby is there a lot of demand for. The vintage trend start a new life at this time, and a lot of young and old people love this trend. The trend is in the trend pyramid in the middle. It’s a trend that becomes bigger and bigger at this moment. (2016, Marketingtribune)

But what is the different between second hands clothes and vintage clothes. They are both behaving clothes. Students of the high school of Den Haag did res each about this difference. This research tell us that the opinion of young people between the 18 and 25 about secondary clothes is that they find the clothes dirty. But a big part of the young people wears well vintage clothes. They look at another point of view to vintage clothes, they find these clothes unique, and they see it as a chance to buy pieces of known brands. Young people look different to second hands clothes and vintage clothes, they find that there is a big difference between. (2016, ICA-DCB)

In the Netherlands vintage is a trend but how is it in other countries? Also in other countries is vintage fashion a statement. Also in foreign countries people want unique clothes, and the vintage trend can make this possible with less money. Actually it is a counter movement against the fast fashion business. A lot of people don’t want clothes, that wearing by everyone. This trend makes that the number of “vintage junkies” very increases. They are across the companies like for example the Bijenkorf. This is a Dutch company who sell a lot of the same clothes. So everybody can wear the clothes. It’s possible when you sit happy in the sun with your new dress, your neigbour pass you with the same dress when she let the dog out. (2016, Trendbubbles)

The vintage stores profit of the word of mouth, but also on social media they are very active. A lot of people like the different vintage companies. So have the company “Vintagekilosale” at the moment 43.823 followers on Facebook. On Facebook they show them what you can buy at the vintage sale markets. (2016, Marketingtribune)


The Vintage Style give you a unique appearance and is good for the environment. But there also negative laces on this trend. So there are countries who live of the fashion industry. And because people buy vintage clothes, they buy less new clothes. So their industry suffers by this trend.

What do you think is the vintage trend a good trend or not and why?


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8 thoughts on “Vintage is booming business?

  1. Yes, vintage is a really good trend, One of a Kind Pieces.

    The style of clothing each of us wears is an important form of self expression and communication, and people who wear vintage clothing have something to tell you.

    It’s is a fact of life that history repeats itself; fashion and clothing trends are no exception. Since fashion is cyclical, there is always some style from the past that has been made new again, and there is a good chance you can find the original version of that style in a vintage item from that era. However, when you purchase a vintage piece, you are getting something that cannot be found at every chain store by the thousands. It is a limited, if not one of a kind, item just for you.

    Vintage clothes have already been used once, and by wearing them again, you are recycling them. On a larger scale, you are not using your money to pay for the natural resources used in the production of a new item (fuel for shipping, energy to produce, etc.), you are not contributing to pollution (emissions from factories, dumping of dyes and chemicals, etc.), and you are saving those items from going into a landfill.

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  2. I think the vintage trend is good trend. The reason why vintage is so popular and good in my opinion is that people give additional value to it believing that antiquity is precious. The society we live in no longer considers its usability only but effort, time, and originality is also being considered and acknowledged.
    In the past, for example in the mid to late 20th century Korea, ‘modernity’ had great value because it was difficult to produce new items when resource and technology was scarce.
    However, as 21st century arrived, many quality products like spa brand and Ikea have appeared in the market with affordable price and it became possible for consumers to acquire good quality products at a lower price. With more new products becoming available, old products have become ‘precious’ contrarily.
    Subsequently, people started to look for things that possess effort and time of the maker instead of just new things.
    Vintage is not just bringing antiquity into modernity. It has to go through a reinterpretation process where antiquity has to possess modern values to make its class conspicuous. Thus, vintage trend means a positive phenomenon where consumers try to find class and value through a reinterpretation process.

    Teahoon. (2016,2,6). “vintage trend shows that joining the ranks of advanced nations.” brunch:


  3. Hi!

    I think vintage is an awesome trend. Me, i love to buy vintage clothes. it’s not just your own style, (well mostly of course) but it’s also the feeling you get in a vintage store. The smell, well it sort of smells like my grandmothers closet but, it sutes the store. It going trough all these close just to get that one item. And when you’ve found it, you feel so happy!

    It’s not just the way yóu look, vintage has it’s influence all around us. Think about your own house, it probably has an old bench of you grandpa somewhere. Or an old light you great great grandmother had in her house. It’s everywhere.

    But, is it that eco friendly and everything? of course recycling is. But nowadays you even have something as ‘fake vintage’. Funny right? They produce new clothes, shows, furniture and jewelry and make it look used and old so it looks like vintage. This is how far the trend is going right now and i think it’s to far. This fake vintage takes away the whole feeling, that i think is so important with vintage. And it takes away the whole recycling thing.

    So, would you bye something you know is fake vintage?

    Emmie van de Bunt

    Lovingthegoodlife. (2016, 15 maart). Designertas kopen? tips and tricks. Consulted on 20-9-2016


  4. I like the vintage look a lot and have a lot of second hand clothing in my closet.
    However I don’t think vintage clothes are a trend like the micro, meso and megatrends. It’s more like a fashion trend. Maybe there is a thought behind it what’s a trend. You are talking about that people are against the mass production of clothing. That probably because people don’t want to look the same as the rest of the world and that’s probably a part of the mega trend Individualization. People want to be more original and unique. Trend One (n.d.) found in a recent study that people create their own brand identity in order to stand out from the crowd.

    In addition to that, the fact I like the vintage trend is because I think the combination of the modern stuff with the old vintage stuff looks really great together! And the fact that people finally want to stand from the crowd is also great.

    In your article you’re saying: “They are across the companies like for example Primark or the Bijenkorf. These are Dutch companies who sell a lot of the same clothes.” I have to say that Primark isn’t a Dutch company, it’s from Ireland (Primarki, n.d.).

    Lara Uittenhout

    Primarki. (n.d.). Primark informatie. Retrieved from
    Trend One. (n.d.). Mega-Trend Individualisation. Retrieved from


  5. But there also negative laces on this trend. So are there countries who live of the fashion industry. And because people buy vintage clothes, they buy less new clothes. So their industry suffers by this trend. What do you think is the vintage trend a good trend or not and why?

    I think vintage is a good trend. Even tough it isn’t good for the industry of some country’s. Vintage is good for the environment because of the factory’s who aren’t ‘working’ and pollute our world and I think it is good for the country’s were there are children working in factory’s with low payment. I hope this will decline because of vintage clothing.

    Beside that it really looks awesome. The modern clothing and the vintage stuff together really creates al kinds of identity, which has all to do with the trend: Individualization.


  6. I think the big industries who live on making new clothes are the least of our worries. The thing is that big industries have a lot of money and have the financial and human resources to change their behavior to the customers needs. Big factories that normally make clothes can start cleaning and repairing second-hand clothes. Stores can be repurposed or have in-store departments with re-used clothes. Thats the thing with big money big power and big resource companies. They can adapt.

    -Adriaan de Bruin 1639160


  7. Vintage is a good trend. You see a lot of people who wear vintage. It makes you unique and trendy at the same time. Buying vintage clothes is a good for students. Most of the time the clothes are cheap, you do something good for the environment. Also it is a small challenge to find the one piece which actually is from a expensive brand and now sold for only 5 euros.
    Vintage is a trend what is becoming bigger and bigger. I lived in Londen myself for 1 year and there vintage is already a big hit. They have an area where everything is vintage, the clotting stores but also the food and markets. This area is called Shoreditch and I do not think it will take a long time we also have a similar one in the Netherlands.
    My opinion is that the problem of not buying new clothes is not that big. The zara and h&m for example are stores people still buy clothes at. You can easily combine vintage clothes with new ones.
    Vintage is not only sold in vintage stores but there are also a lot of Facebook pages where the clothes are sold, like: vintage marketplace, vintage the black market etc. You can make pictures of your old stuff and put this on the Facebook page.People who are member of the page can bid and th done with the highest bid before the a deadline can but the clothes.
    I think this is something we have to discuss about; will there became new vintage stores or will we switch to only social media?

    Facebook; Vintage marketplace


  8. I think fashion is one of the most fascinating subject in regard to trends. It is one of the subjects that seems to recycle: garments from decades ago are suddenly trending again. As I read your article, I saw that you think vintage fashion is a meso trend, due to the fact that there is a lot of people who love the subject, and creates a lot of demand.
    I don’t completely agree with this: I do belief that the demand for vintage clothes is growing bigger and bigger during this period. I think that it’s merely a part of the trend of uniqueness and not necessarily the hipster lifestyle but authenticity.

    I think it is a good question that you pose at the end, because the answer can be in regards to other megatrends such as sustainability, or even counter-trends such as the “basic” mass production fashion. I think the vintage trend and the reuse of old clothes is a really good thing: it’s both need fulfilling and sustainable. Also, it is a form of self-expression and that happens to be something I personally value a lot.
    You very accurately made clear that there is a difference between vintage and second hand clothes. I thought that was very interesting and I didn’t really agree on the difference that’s described in the article, so I looked it up and I came across another subject. Apparently, fashion can be second hand, vintage or retro! The retro part is even more complicated, so maybe that’s interesting to look into.

    The social life of secondhand clothes “Is it Vintage, Retro or Secondhand? Identify that Retrorama Dress!” (27-05-2013)
    Gathered on 26-10-2017

    Kayleigh Pinas 27-10-2017


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