In this blog I want to discuss the mega trend digitalization. Almost everyone in today’s society is constantly connected. All the kids that are growing up don’t know any better than everybody having a mobile phone. Computers, the internet, texting and social networking are all things kids grow up with these days. I can’t precisely remember when I got my first phone, but I was probably around the age of 12. If you look at the phone I had back in 2004 and compare it with an iPhone they would even look alike. A good way to explain the term digitalization is by an apple watch. Apple took a ordinary product, in this case a watch, and turned it into digital product. Now you can access the internet, message, listen to music on a watch. (Wikipedia, 2016) The digitization trend has grown very fast over the last few years. This trend will grow even faster in the Future.

The growth of this trend has it’s effect on all different meso and micro trends. For example the trend of always want to be connected. I’m probably not the only one who panics when my phone battery is running low. For example the connected object we had per person in 2003 was 0,8 and in 2015 this was 3,47. Of course this isn’t the end because in 2020 this will be 6,58 objects. (Bletz, 2015) This clearly shows we are only at the start of the lifecycle curve, and it growing very fast in a short amount of time.

Digitalization has an great impact on society. If U would compare a normal day 100 years ago with today it would be totally different. We would ride horses instead of cars, we would write letters instead of calling each other. The way this trend has developed over the last 100 years is very fast but it keeps growing even faster. In the last 2 years we created 90% of all data that exists right now. On a normal day the world produces about 2,5 billion gigabytes says consultancy Dialogic. That is enough to fill 27,000 Ipads every minute! (Bletz, 2015)

Digitalization has brought us all different things to make our life’s better, easier and more efficient. We now have more freedom of choice for example. Everyone can find exactly the kind of communication we are looking for where or whenever we want to. You could even follow a study while you are lying in your backyard with a laptop. All the information we want to have is available whenever we want to have it.

I think it’s exciting that we can’t predict what exactly the future will bring us. Of course we all know we probably won’t drive our own cars anymore or something like that. Maybe there will be robots that cook our food. In any case Digitalization will be there with us in the future. I would like to know what kind of micro trend you think this megatrend will bring into our daily life’s.

Thomas de Gilder



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2 thoughts on “Digitalization

  1. I do like your subject of your article; today in the class I get this subject for making a consumer trend canvas. So that’s the reason why I did read your article.

    I think this mega trend brings a lot of micro trends on the market. This trend makes anyway the life of the human easier. So are there many tasks, which previously were made by human that the robots did taken over, for example the work in factories.
    This saved a lot of companies money, which they didn’t have to give to their employees.
    But at the other side, costs this the employees their jobs, so not everybody is happy with the attendance of the robotisering. (nu, 2016) Especially for the lower educated people is the attendance of the robotisering a problem. 1,3 million lower educated people shall lose their jobs the upcoming years.

    One of the upcoming trends is in my opinion that: Lower educated people go check and operate the robots. Because they need a job, and the robots can’t do everything by themselves at the moment they need human.

    Another upcoming trend is in my opinion that human become diaper and dumber. The robots take so many tasks over, that people fewer things need to remember. For example the Tom-Tom in the car brings people everywhere. This ensures that a lot of people can’t drive nowadays without Tom-Tom.
    I think the robots in the future shall give the same problems.

    Nu (19-09-2016) ‘Robotisation cost three million jobs’


  2. Digitalization is the trend that cuts both ways. The trend has the more influence on our economy than any other. It provides so much options in terms of possibilities I don’t even know where to start. Things that seemed impossible just a few years back are now no match for our technology. Als our safety is becoming more and more guarenteed. Technology also helps with our health. Devices that help people walk, talk, hear, see and feel better. Devices that can perform surgery on a human brain! I can go on and on. But there is indeed a downside. The fact that a lot of things we did by hand now are done by computers and robots makes sure that a lot of people lose their jobs. We also become very reliant on our technology (in every case). Now I’m not saying the technology will fail us someday (or maybe it will), but maybe we fail our technology! Almost everything already crossed the point where it cannot function without our technology. Even some humans won’t even survive without it. The fact that it is growing and increasing this aspect every day can sometimes be a scary thought.

    Personally I sometimes see that we as mankind lose the ‘meaning of life’. I don’t mean that in a depressing way or anything, but everything becomes more and more digital. I’t’s true we are still social, even more than ever. But only in the digital world. Things like social media and the devices that support them have us in their grip. We tend to send a text much faster than to call someone. This seems obvious, but we lose the tone and emotions in our conversations we used to have. Also movies and other things we see on monitors are just a rip off of our reality in my opinion. Seeing nature on screen or actually walk through it are two completely different things. I do often wonder if people feel the same way. Maybe the don’t know better, or maybe they do know even better. I don’t know.


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