Pantone : Let the color lead the way.


Pantone : Let the color lead the way. By Ya-Zhen Chen 1707493

“Everything impacts colour”

“We let the colors lead the way and be our guide,” said Pantone.

Since 2000, Pantone, the world’s authority of color based in the US New Jersey, forecast the annual fashion color every year. This year, 2016, Pantone use two colors as a annual color for the first time : 13-1520 Rose Quartz & 15-391 Serenity. These two representing color just like the gentleness of roses and soothing lavenders. Recently, the situation of the world is unstable, people live in the high pressured and the squeezing life. Perhaps it is the reason why they chose these two colors which are softy and calm.

When Pantone pronounce the annual color of the year, designers and artists from every aspect would take it as an important index for their creative works. Inspiring from the annual color and start making related design, Pantone color has been a trend for the creative people over a decade.

“Color is not only just color.”

According to aesthetics, psychology, etc, the special institution of Pantone researched for a period of time to predict the color which people preferred in the next year. But this prediction is not behind closed doors, they will release some costumes in various media to help them get the information about what people liked. That is the main reason why designers and artists all became the fanatic of the Pantone annual color.

It is in the meso trend pyramid within the producer and customer’s level. Also it influences the consumer’s shopping behavior and the main inspiration of designers. The life cycle of the trend now is stage 4 which is in the maturity area. Related to the micro trend, it makes a lot of products followed the sense of the annual color. For example, Sephora, &Tradition, Studio WM, H&M Home, etc, they produce the product according to the annual color “Rose Quartz & Serenity” in 2016. Up to the mega trend, it is effecting the economic aspect, also the whole creative industry.


“Colour trend forecasting is being able to take a look at whats happening now, what we see is going to be happening in the future and being able to glom onto those key trends or leading trend indicators to see what the future looks like and what does that mean for colour, because everything impacts colour.”   

Recently, Pantone selected 10 colors「Strength&Confidence&Complexity」for autumn and winter, 2016. It will be another trend for the next season. Colors are not only lead the way of the appearance of products but also the spirit behind. “Everything is colour. We couldn’t agree more,” said the editor of Vogue Living. They are everywhere in our life. So, what do you think about the color of the year by Pantone? 


This is how Pantone chooses their colour of the year, Vogue

7th Sep 2016 by FRANCESCA WALLACE,40320

Photo source: Pantone official, Pantone Sephora, Gul-e-Zehra’s Blog,


2 thoughts on “Pantone : Let the color lead the way.

  1. Reply by Evaline Vlaanderen

    First off, I think colors in trends are a very interesting subject. I think the way that Pantone is predicting and announcing the newest trends in color each year is quite unique. The research they do to predict a new color each year really shows that they are on top of the future trends.

    The main question I have is why colors can be considered a trend instead of a fashion? The popularity of colors come and go with time. The reason why a certain color is popular is quite hard to pinpoint. Color, of course, has also got a lot to do with culture. The Greeks, in the early 5th century, referred to the contrast between black and white, or darkness and light, and introduced a scheme of primary colours, white, black, red and a range of mixes from red through yellow to green. (Aslam, M. M. (2006) This shows that the perception of the aesthetics and overall knowledge of color has been around for a long time.

    Colour forecasting is very much a product of the latter half of the twentieth century. Colour forecasting involves the prediction of future colour trends for particular market segments and particular consumer groups.This is achieved trough creating an overview of past colour trends, an assessment of lifestyles associated with these trends, and, on the basis of these, an estimation of likely future colour trends. The validity of colour forecasting therefore rests or falls on the existence of research to a pattern in past colour consumption and, second, if such a pattern exists, the connection between it and lifestyle conditions. (Stansfield, J., & Whitfield, T. W. , 2005)

    I think colors in certain segments can be perceived as a trend, but it depends on the fact if there are patterns in the history and future of color trend watching. So, a follow up question could be; if the prediction of popularity of colors can be done solely by following a pattern?


    Aslam, M. M. (2006). Are you selling the right colour? A cross‐cultural review of colour as a marketing cue. Journal of marketing communications, 12(1), 15-30.

    Stansfield, J., & Whitfield, T. W. (2005). Can future colour trends be predicted on the basis of past colour trends?: An empirical investigation. Color Research & Application, 30(3), 235-242.


    1. So, what do you think about the color of the year by Pantone?

      Personally I really like the two colors of this year 2016 Rose quarts and Serenity. Chance had it that I’m actually wearing these two colors right now. It’s interesting that for the first time ever they picked two colors instead of one. Pantone says “Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.”

      The Pantone Color of the year has a big impact on all the industries regarding color. Such as, fashion, interior design, product design and graphic design. The interesting thing is that Pantone chooses the color(s) of the year two years ahead (vogue, 2016). You could say they are the ultimate trend watchers. So because Pantone is such a big deal in the color industry. Since they make and spread the colors. A way to see it is that the company Pantone is the trend watcher and the color of the year is the trend. In itself they create new trends for the world to follow.

      Another interesting thing I found is a interior architect that explains why she doesn’t like the Pantone color of the year. Shannon McGill, director of interior design at K4 architecture says, “The Pantone “Color of the Year” is a trend in my world and in that of our clients who are primarily business owners investing in buildings that will be there for 50 plus years; in this world TREND is a bad word. Our clients want LONGEVITY and RELEVANCE. Your space should support your message and organization. It should convey how you would like your customers to perceive you and make them feel when they walk through the doors. It’s all about you and your brand not what Pantone executives tell you it should be.”


      McGill, S. (2016). Pantone color of the year 2015. Referred on Tuesday 20th of september at:

      Pantone. (2016). Color of the year. Referred on Tuesday 20th of september at: (2016). This is how pantone chooses their colour of the year. Referred on Tuesday 20th of september at:,40320

      Written by: Janaki van Os


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