Snapchat todays micro trend?

Something I noticed is that the last few years, more people have Snapchat. The funny fact is that I don’t have Snapchat. Last year in class the teacher ask who don’t have snapchat. The only ones who raised their hand, was me and one guy. That was in a class with 30 people. Almost all my friends have snapchat and everyone ask me why I don’t have Snapchat. My answer is: I don’t feel the need to have Snapchat and make pictures all day long. But why feel other people the need to make pictures all day long and why is it so popular? With this article I want to find out why Snapchat is so popular. Is Snapchat a micro trend?

Snapchat has worldwide more than 200 million  active users. Who sent each other 400 million snaps on a daily base (Hoe werkt Snapchat, n.d.). Snapchat is an application where people can sent each other pictures with funny filters and of course normal pictures. Snapchat is about storytelling.
Snapchat (n.d.) found in a recent study Snaptchatters watch more than 100 billion video’s a day, which is more than a 350% increase in the last year alone. People us Snapchat every day to snap with friends and family, but also to see things like events from around the world. Because it has that much users, advertising through Snapchat is very smart and it happens more often.
Dupre (2016) found in a recent study that according to Snapchats internal date, 63% of the users is 18 to 34 years old and 23% of its users is 13 to 17 years old. 28% Of its users in the U.S. consider snapchat as the most important social network. But that means also that 73% thinks other social media are more important.


If you go to the playstore of android you see this results:
8,499,42 people rated (the Android version of) Snapchat. In total Snapchat got 3.9 stars. But if look to the what people gave the most, it’s the five stars. 4,766,983 people rated Snapchat with five stars. You can conclude that a lot of people think Snapchat is a very good application.

Snapchat is a micro trend. If you look at the Trend life cycle, you see the originals, the setter, the followers and the Laggards. If we look at Snapchat. The originals are the people who made the application. The setters are the people who where the first that downloaded and used the app. The Followers is the big group of people who use it when everyone is using it. The Laggards are the people who get the app when the followers and the setters actually are already don whit the app. Snapchat is at the moment at the point of the followers. You can see that by the fact that Snapchat is very popular and it’s still growing in popularity. So you can say it’s in the growing part of the followers.
The micro trend Snapchat is based on the meso trend “Social Media”.


But the question still is: How big is Snapchat going to be? Because at the moment it’s only very popular under the younger people. And how long will it last? Maybe we can answer that questions in a few years. So let’s wait.

Lara Uittenhout




5 thoughts on “Snapchat todays micro trend?

  1. Reply by Evaline Vlaanderen

    Question: How big is Snapchat going to be? Because at the moment it’s only very popular under the younger people. And how long will it last?

    I believe that the concept model of Snapchat is going to change the way we interact in social media. Because it is so real life fast and user oriented, it creates a space where you feel free to share your day with less judgment since there aren’t “likes” visible to friends on each post.

    Documenting your life is a meso trend that has been going on for quite a while. This trend has originated from a bigger trend, the sharing economy. As people continue to embrace new technologies, use of social media will keep increasing. Moreover, as its popularity grows, a significant number of people will likely keep on choosing social media as their main source of information. (B. R., 2011)

    However, social media platforms are very unpredictable, they can flourish but also collapse within a very short time. If you look at twitter you see that the number of people actively using Twitter by tweeting or creating new accounts peaked in August 2014 and is now in decline, a source with access to Twitter’s user data tells Business Insider. (Business Insider, April 2015)

    All social media platforms keep evolving but they can be limited by their own distinctiveness. For example, Twitter is mainly a quick way to share a short text that people can retweet or like. Many people now a days only use Twitter to keep up with important people or entertainment pages, just like Facebook. The interaction and ‘closeness’ is not so much there. If you look at snap chat, it is the platform that comes closest to real life communication. It protects the users privacy also, because every content that is posted will be deleted after 24 hours. I think this fast and free way of sharing content will inspire more platforms and will become the future of social media.

    Perhaps a follow up discussion could be what role social media will play in different devices, such as wearables?

    Reference list:

    Lindsay, B. R. (2011). Social media and disasters: Current uses, future options, and policy considerations.

    Jim Edwards. Business Insider, April 2015, The number of people actively using Twitter may actually be in decline
    Found on:


  2. I think snapchat is only going to become bigger. As you might know, Instagram has taken over a feature that snapchat invented. On snapchat you can make your ”own story” . You add one ore more photo’s to ”your story” and your friends can see it for 24 hours. After these 24 hours your story disappears. Instagram has done the same now. You can add photo’s to your story. They disappear after 24 hours, and after that they don’t show on your timeline.

    The fact that a big company like Instagram is literally stealing ideas from snapchat shows how big snapchat is at the moment. Everybody knows the filters, the smileys and the colors and drawings you can choose. More proof of the fact that snapchat is one of the biggest social platforms nowadays is the fact that Facebook couldn’t buy it. Snapchat wouldn’t sell, I think because they still see a lot of growth in the future.

    Besides that; snapchat is funny. If you are going out, you don’t post drunk video’s of your friends on Facebook, because it will stay there forever. You share those video’s on snapchat. So you can laugh about it, but it’s gone the next day. (Molloy, M. 2017, March 17)

    The biggest competition for snapchat now is Instagram. As I said before, Instagram has stolen the most important function of snapchat: The story that disapears after 24 hours. The Instagram stories are becoming bigger and bigger, and more people start using it (instead of snapchat). I thinks this is because Instagram combines snapchat and Instagram at this point. And for a lot of people it’s more convenient to check al their social media updates at one platform. Instead of opening snapchat and Instagram, you can only open Instagram right now. (Yoni, H., 2017)

    Despite of that I think Snapchat is way more innovative than Instagram, and I think they will come up with a new feature that will make it more popular again. At least I hope so, because I like Snapchat a lot!


    Yoni, H. (2017, April 24). Instagram’s strategy of stealing Snapchat features is paying off beautifully. Retrieved January 12, 2018, from

    Molloy, M. (2017, March 17). Snapchat executive burns Facebook for ‘copying’ Stories idea. Retrieved January 12, 2018, from


  3. How big will Snapchat become? That’s a good question. I do use Snapchat, but not that often. Before I was using it, I was sceptical about it. Why would I send photo’s on Snapchat if I can sent them on apps like Whatsapp. But a friend convinced me and somehow I liked it.

    Snapchat clearly shows how much work they put in keeping the application relevant. They come up with different updates and features every once in a while. I think they made a really good step when they introduced the lenses. That was actually the moment I started with Snapchat, just because it was funny. They will always come up with new ideas to make the app into something new. I remember reading an article about a new feature that is coming up. It was about special emoticons for specific places. For example when u are in a Mc Donalds, u unlock a specific emoji that Mc Donalds created themselves. This is great marketing because the app users want to get the special features and company’s can use the app in their own marketing strategies. Sadly I can’t find the article but it clearly shows Snapchat is still working to keep this trend going.

    Thomas de Gilder


  4. Personally I love snapchat, in my eyes it is a paradox. How, ill explain.
    I hate the kind of people taking pictures all the time. Those who try to make a picture of every second to share it in whatsapp, facebook or instagram. These are the people who are living behind a screen and never see stuff with their own eyes, but always through a camera.

    Personally i think it is better to just enjoy and be in the moment, and just remember that one moment. This is where the paradox comes in:

    • By not taking a picture you are living in the moment. But you can’t share that moment with others.
    • By taking a snapchat you are not living in the moment, but seeing it through a screen, but it is the best way to share a moment because it only lasts for 10 seconds for others.

    The way you share your snapchat with the world is the way you should have experienced it for yourself, but you chose not to in order to share it with others. The rest of the world can see something like you should have seen it, but you were to busy making a snapchat. It only lasts for 10 seconds and your friends have to remember it, because it won’t be there after 10 seconds. Like you should have, but didn’t do.

    Adriaan de Bruin, 1639160


  5. Snapchat is really big at the moment. Not only younger people use it daily but also elderly. We all want to have a break between al the hard work we are doing and snapchat is the perfect way. It is refreshing and a quick way to look at what other people are doing. People now a days want to share every minute in their life or show others what great thing they are doing and do this with snapchat.
    Every few months snapchat comes with a new function. For example the filters which shows where you are, the filters with funny faces and the magazine articles from big brands. Right now they are working on the ‚on demand’ filters. Here you can create, design and but your own filter used for party invitations, campus, coffee shop etc. It develops itself with new options and therefor keeps it interesting for the users.
    The question is how long they can develop themselves, will there be an end in the interest in people or will it still be as interesting and fun as it is at the moment. I think there is such a big team behind the application that it will not stop developing for quite a long time.

    Lauren van Sambeek 1659140


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