One of the mega trend of modern society is individualism. In view of such a long human history, it is not easy to define individualism because as a phenomenon it is complex and varied. By definition, it is a thought regarding individual value as important. But it is more easier that explaining individualism’s meso trend or micro trend. There is the growing freedom and rights so, we should respect other people’s private life. It is a kind of individualism’s meso trend. And it can be its micro trend that capsule hotel in Japan.

Capsule hotel is a type of hotel developed in Japan that features a large number of extremely small ‘rooms’ (capsules) intended to provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not require the services offered by more conventional hotels. Many people were surprised at that small rooms and enjoyed it. There is great trend of individualism in Japan. So, there are many business using that Japan’s character like individual cafe, food of convenience store and capsule hotel.

Also, individual media is another kind of meso trend. For the past 15 years, we have seen many examples of bloggers and these days, we know well about youtube. There are many youtuber with various contents. They can make immensely private contents and stuff they want then they can communicate well with people who watch their contents. In this exciting aspect, people fanatical about youtuber. And someone say social media like Facebook and Instagram can be an individual media.

For the another face, individualism also has some disadvantages. Sometimes a power of group more powerful than a power of one person. Such as, if a person want to make a movie, he may do not have enough idea to make a good movie by himself. And keen competition can be a problem of individualism.

As a contrary concept, there is collectivism. Collectivism holds that the group is more important. It holds that society is and should be made up of groups and that people as individuals are less important than groups as a whole. And it recognizes that we are all connected to other members of our communities and that we all need one another. We may think one of individualism and collectivism is wrong but it isn’t. We can’t judge which is better. They have some advantages and disadvantages.

So, I would like to leave you with a question:

What do you think what any advantages and disadvantages of individualism and collectivism are?




One thought on “individualism

  1. Interested read, as someone born and raised in the culture of South Korea that would like to make a group of friends that support and adore you. As Individualism became more important recently, similar situations have occurred in South Korea such as capsule hotel in Japan.

    The examples in Korea what I know is ‘Hone-Bab restaurant’ that means Food restaurant for people who want to eat alone’. At this place, cafeteria staff wouldn’t even ask “how many people are you with?” and people would use a ticket vending machine to order food by themselves.

    Regarding your question, I believe individualism that involves the advantages for people who want to be free and independent. Especially in culturally focusing on collectivism like Korea. Of course, Collectivism might have helped people to work together and influencing each other. But If you think are too dependent on other’s opinions, Individualism is a necessary and unavoidable part of being independent person who can make your own decisions. Also In the past, you should have been affected by how other people think, but now people can raised their own voice as individual beings.

    Written by Solji Kim

    Min Hye-kyung (2016.05.11) 혼자 먹어도 맛있다! 서울, 혼밥 맛집 Retrieved from


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