The digitalization

Ebba Lindström 2016-09-19

To write about megatrends is a hard task. Not only is it something world changing on a social level but also does it affect everybody and lasts for approximately 10 to 30 years (Ponten, 2016). People put a lot of work and effort to detect and analyze these trends, which is proven by the great number of trend watch agencies and such. According to the world leading company within audit, accounting, tax, transactions and consulting, EY:s publications on megatrends 2015 there are 6 different ones. All independent that has a clear impact on business, society, culture, economies and individuals but at the same time are interactive. Those are a digital future, the rise of entrepreneurship, the global marketplace, an urban world, the resourceful planet and the health remanence (Schreiber, 2015).

When growing up in the early 00’s, the digitalization has without doubt been a big part of my life, almost undetectable. Per definition, digitalization means an integration of digital technologies into an individual everyday life (Businessdictionary, 2016). Which, in my opinion, proofs digitalization as a megatrend. Another verification are the numerous meso and micro trends that originates from this bottom block of the trend pyramid. Let’s just take the social media, hashtags, food delivery, online dating and vlogs to name a few.

The digitalization is about keeping contact. May it be with you friends and family or between companies, the goal is immediate and constant contact (Pwc, 2016). We can take the monthly facebook users to make an easy and direct example. During the first quarter of 2009, facebook had 197 million monthly users, to compare with this year’s first quarter that measured 1 billion 654 million. A steady increase without any extreme highs and lows (Statista, 2016). And this is just one example out of many while looking at the individual’s relationship with the digital technologies. More and more of us decides and are given the opportunity to go online.

Regarding the digitizations lifecycle, it’s a bit tricky for me to predict where it’s going. On one hand, more and more gets digitalized. Let’s take Pokémon Go as an example with its 20 million daily users since the launch in the beginning of July (Expandedramblings, 2016). A game that digitalize the “normal” kids play. But on the other hand, the DIY-generation and the comeback of the hand crafted materials expand as well. This can be proven by the “catalog of ideas”, Pinterest. Which, with its 100 million active users, is another example of the digitalization (Expandedramblings, 2015).

But do you think that the digitalization is a mega trend or something completely different?



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One thought on “The digitalization

  1. Digitalization is a very relevant and current trend. You see it all around you and the influence on society is huge.

    In your last paragraph, you mention Pokémon Go as an example of what gets digitalized. This is actually a perfect example to show how far digitalization is going. It no longer allows us to contact people all over the world, it also becomes the ‘place’ where we practise our hobby. Almost everything we do in our lives involves something that has been digitalized. For example, the self-scanning cash desks at stores. The world is trying to digitalize as many things as possible.

    To answer your question, I think digitalization is a mega trend that is still at his beginning. More and more things are being digitalized. This digitalization is coming with a lot of consequences, but, because the trend is at his beginning, we do not see these consequences yet. Digitalization is not only a mega trend, I think it is the beginning of a big change of society and the world.

    -Lilian Casson 20-09-’16-

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