”Wie is de mol” has an app in which you can compete with your friends.”The voice of Holland” app let’s you be the judge of the show. With netflix you decide what serie or movie you want to see. And with chromecast you can stream whatever you like on your TV.It’s an upcoming trend; people don’t just watch TV anymore, we want to be a part of what we see. Where the TV stops, the application continues. We want to be in control of what the TV shows us. It’s called ”The new television watching”.

It seems that watching TV isn’t what it used to be. It’s an interactive experience. In which the user decides. In the past we used to turn on our TV. You couldn’t decide what to watch so you had to go with what was on TV at that moment. The only possibility to decide what was on TV was to record a show and watch it later.

America is a trendsetter in this field. America already has series that are only available online.  Now that online streamingservices (like Netflix), and video on demand (watching video’s before they are on TV) are becoming popular under a big audience we are starting with the modern version of watching TV.

There are several services that make deciding what you want to see a lot easier:

  • Netflix.
    Netflix was released in 2007 and is also called ”The spotify of the series”. It contains more than thousand series and movies all in HD quality. Besides this there is a lot of criticism on Netflix. Because HBO and other big streaming sites are keeping the rights for big shows as ”Game of thrones” Netflix is not complete.
  • Chromecast
    Chromecast is a little device that connects your phone, tablet or laptop with the television. You can stream everything you want on your TV. It costs only 35 dollars and it uses the cloud. This gives the user the oppurtunity to do other stuff on their phone, laptop or tablet while streaming.

Wanting to be in control is a mesotrend that is at it’s peak at the moment. Everybody uses it and it has made it’s big entrance into the mainstream world. Wanting to be in control comes from the megatrend of digitalazation. And it brings a long microtrend like different applications to interact with your television.

We are still depending on what the TV offers us. We can decide when we want to watch it but we don’t decide what kind of programmes there are on TV. So is ”The new TV” really that new or are we just being fooled by giving us the thought that we’re in control?



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2 thoughts on “IN CONTROL

  1. I personally don’t like to be in control all the time. I love the idea of turning on the television and just looking through the television guide for a program i like most. That way you watch stuff you normally wouldn’t watch. I mean, bingewatching is fun, but it gets boring after a while, sometimes you would like to see something different. Something you don’t expect. And you know what. I even miss the advertisements. I had no television at my student home till about 2 weeks ago. But before that, when i was at my parents, i used to laugh about the new commercials that were really funny. You’re missing out if you don’t see them. Therefore i would like to say one thing. Being in control is not always fun and honestly i think its a bit overrated. I only want to be in control when the regular television programs have nothing to offer. Then something like Horizon TV (which i own) or netflix come in handy.

    – Adriaan de Bruin 1639160


  2. Personally, I enjoy watching content from all services whether it be television, internet or streaming service. Thanks to the advancement of technology and digitalisation I now have more choice of how I wish to spend my leisure time. Netflix is my go-to for viewing content as they have a great selection of shows (and because I use my parents account, so it’s free).
    I believe we have always been in control of what we choose to browse, we make the decision to turn on the TV or PC in the first place. If there was no audience then there would be no viewings for us to choose from. Nonetheless, there are still a number of other entertainment sources such as books and video games.

    Although we may be restricted to certain shows by what country we live in, people have still found ways to bypass this. Thanks to the internet, anything is possible. You can find almost any media content from around the world in a matter of seconds. This gives the freedom to people to watch anything they desire, however it will most likely result in breaching the law. It may not be a good thing, but piracy is extremely common amongst viewers and allows a huge diverse range of availability.

    Written by Henry Gibson


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