Flying Camera’s


By Adriaan de Bruin, 1639160

If you would have heard 10 years ago that you could fly a quadcopter with a camera with your cellphone, would you have believed it? My interest for everything that flies started when I was really young. I kept messing around with radio controlled helicopters and quadcopters, but I never managed to fly one for longer than 1 minute. The thing was, they where actually really hard to fly due to the sensitivity. Then came the drone. The first drone I bought was for me something that came out of a science fiction movie. You opened your phone, connected to the drone and with literally one push of a button the thing was floating in mid-air and stayed there if you did nothing. No tweaking for wind speed, trying to keep it steady. Nope, it just did what it had to do. Then and there my participation of the drone-trend started.

Drones have been around for a while, only recently they have grown really popular. All of a sudden everyone wants, or has one. A friend of mine, who is electrotechnician, and works, all of a sudden started a Facebook page for a drone he bought a month back. I’m a real critical guy, so if i think his video’s are awesome, it should say something. The new drones make it so easy for regular people to shoot super steady and professional shots. And therefore the sales shoot up. Thats the reason i think its a trend.

There is many research on drones as a trend, the way it keeps growing it looks like a Mega trend. The size and impact of drones is huge, with governments thinking new laws for the devices, and sales rising worldwide. It doesn’t look like its going to stop selling relatively soon. In 2015 the sales where up to 4,5 billion dollars worldwide and the US thinks in 2020 there will be over 30 000 drones in US airspace. So in the lifecycle of this trend I see this trend standing in the growing phase, it is still growing, and it hasn’t reached its top yet.

The regulations for drones are becoming much stricter, you can’t fly a drone outside of your line of sight, which is, in most cases, exactly what you want to try with a quadcopter that streams its camera live to your phone. However you can do these things for special reasons in America, for instance when you want to photograph your house from a high point. In order to do so you have to get a special form from the government explaining that you’re not going to hurt anyone and you are an experienced flyer. Would you go through so much trouble to get a picture of your house? Or would you just simply fly it up and take the damn picture?


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