A whole new me

When a new fat-burning fad hits the Housewives, you know it’s bound to be an overnight sensation. Coloring bottles with some fresh fruits in it. Adding some fruits to your boring bottle of water probably can make a difference. Maybe you have heard. Positive reactions. Getting so much more energy. One of the easiest ways to lose weight and feeling more active. I’m talking about the micro trend detox water.

People use a detox for many varying reasons. From taking time out of a busy schedule to breaking bad eating habits, losing a bit of weight but more commonly to really focus on a body and mind reset. What we have realized is that most people are familiar with the term “Detox”, there are lots of questions regarding the reasons behind and genuine benefits of such a break.

In today’s world, our bodies are continually bombarded with toxins, from the air we breathe to an unhealthy diet, to the cleaning products we use along with cosmetics, body and hair products. Combine all of that with busy lifestyles, poor eating habits, stress and maybe lack of sleep and the result is a body that can easily become overwhelmed.

The trend of detox water is one of the simplest ways to cleanse your body just by drinking water you can get the detox you need to flush unwanted toxins out of your body helping you lose weight with the detox benefits of other water diets to lose weight. The genius of the detox water, however, is that it works best on a full stomach. You heard that right—you can actually eat on this plan.

Housewives aren’t the only converted drinkers though. Jerry Ford, celebrity trainer and co-founder of the fitness startup Redux is also a fan of detox waters. “My two favorites are lemon mint detox water and grapefruit detox water,” he says. “Grapefruit because it’s a natural fat burner. I also recommend drinking the water warm or at room temp because the body responds better to this.”

When hearing all of this I really think about doing it. Ending of the summer, getting colder outside. I really have a need to something that gives me more energy to beat the winter. The reason why this is a trend? Because there is a whole run on the detox water. You can sell it at the supermarket. With the fresh fruits already in it. Freshly made detox waters are now ready to go. The reason why it is so popular right is because we live in the time of life where everybody has the need to be healthy. Eat healthy, live healthy, do some sports and lose weight. The point of impact of the detox water is getting bigger. It started with some experts, telling about the good thing of detox water. People will do that, tell their friends, they will do it either. So by this way the trend will getting bigger and bigger. Also when you can buy it at the supermarket, you see it and try it. People believe it when experts are telling things about health and getting more positive things about using it.

The main question will be…. when you read this article… you will do it by yourself? Do you feel the need to drink more water or buy some fruits and adding it to your bottle to get that detox by yourself? I’m persuaded – I already buy some fruits and start my detox.

By Sanne van Eeuwijk, 1657485


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One thought on “A whole new me

  1. First and foremost I like how you have a storyline type of structure in your article. The title alone lead me to click on the article, because I did not know what to expect except for something that causes self improvement.
    The final question that you posed could’ve been formulated as something more critical, rather than a validation of the article’s persuation. It makes it hard to look at it as a professional article discussing trends, and easier to think of it as some sort of commercial text for a brand that sells detox water.

    Also, I could not really see how detoxing or pre-packed detox water is a trend. If it would be, what category would you place it in? Micro, maxi or mega? I, for instance think that detoxing is more of a hype, and the trend that’s attached to it is “healthy lifestyle”. I looked up detoxing as a trend and I stumbled upon something interesting that I also have been hearing more and more often: the digital detox. In short, a method where people “cleanse” themselves by staying off anything that is digital. It’s interesting to see how this is being used as an anti-megatrend method. The fact that it’s gaining popularity makes it even more interesting to look into what trend opposes the digitalization trend, and causes people to do a digital detox.

    Werken 2.0 “Nieuwe trend: Digitale detox” (15-07-2017)
    gathered on 26-10-2017

    Schaal+ “8 manieren om geld te verdienen aan de digital detox trend” (z.j)
    gathered on 26-10-2017

    Kayleigh Pinas 26-10-2017


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