Life healthier so stop with smoking.

Back in the future was it more normal that you did smoke than that you didn’t. Now is the smoking trend on his end and is it more a trend to stop with smoking. The trend to life healthier and stop with smoking is there for a very long time. (anderetijden, 2016)

Short before the second war in the thirties starts the sale of cigarettes. And it took a long time before in The Netherlands everybody knows that smoking cigarettes is very bad for your health. In the seventies become the first anti smoking campaigns in the Netherlands. (anderetijden, 2016)

Now since May 2016 a lot of people stop with smoking by introducing the new packaging for the cigarettes in The Netherlands. In the Netherlands are there also a lower percentage of smokers after the new packaging arrives in the Dutch shops. The pictures of scary illness and heavy pictures of what is possible when you are smoking, let people more think about the bad things around smoking. (2016, Metro)

The pictures are so shocking that a lot of people don’t want to see them. And of course the user can do the cigarettes also in another package, but before they do this they have to see the shocking picture. And the designers want to let the smoker think by this way, about the future for them and their surroundings. There is also a shocking text on the package and a number and website for tips and tricks to stop with smoking. (2016,TabakNee)

One of the reasons is that the packaging not already is in al the Dutch shops; a lot of shops have still old packaging what they first have to sell.

The government helps finally stops the last smokers. A lot of people stop now with smoking. And so start there a new upcomming trend.  During this time the smoker is displaced by the non-smoker.(2016,TabakNee)

So the anti-smoking trend is already start for ten years. A lot of people even mention that this trend was upcoming. But at this moment there are more non-smokers around you then smokers and in the past was this the other way around.  So it is of course a mega trend because it is on societal level.

What do you think, is there a time that there is not one smoker anymore on this world?


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