Globalisation (resit Esmee Biegstraaten)

Years ago it was a real big thing to go to a country that was over sea. Or when you bought something online it would take months to get to you. Nowadays everybody wants to travel and wants to see the world. You even see a rise in students that go study abroad (Bidwell, 2014). It is because the world is getting smaller and the opportunities are growing. It is getting way more easy to do stuff miles abroad. But also communication and trading is easily done. The way of trading with the world changed and improved a lot since the last 15 years. This is called: Globalisation. The world is getting ‘smaller’ and the ways and opportunities are getting bigger.

I found out that the export of Holland between 2002 en 2014 has increased with 86 percent, that is 432,5 milliard euro’s. In the same period there was a rise in export of imported goods van 42 to 46 percent (Bletz, 2015). In those last years the world developed a new sort of law called: ‘World trade organization’. This makes it cohesive.

In a research according to CBS (CBS, 2013) you see that Globalisation also hits the Netherlands. As you can see in the results you see that the there is a growth for the foreign enterprises and a fall for the Dutch enterprises. You see the differences in the image below. You see that in 2006 the amount of Dutch enterprises was higher than in 2010 and you see that the foreign enterprises have gone up with around 2000 from 2006 till 2010. This shows us that the small Dutch enterprises shrink and the bigger internationals are strong enough for this society to keep standing up. The bigger brands survive.


So not everything about this trend is good for everybody. It also effects third world country’s (international, 2014). Because of the rise of multinationals there is more need for inexpensive employees. Which means there are a lot of children that work with bad working conditions in big factory’s so the multinationals can make as much money as possible from all over the world. Because of that there is a smaller trend that is about making Fairtrade stuff or by all means: Stuff that hasn’t been made with children’s hands.

All these thing have been going on 10 till maybe 15 years already. Besides some results I found at IN2030 (Stegeman, H. (sd). Technologie, globalisering en productiviteit) and at (Hans Stegeman, Tijdschrift voor HRM, 2011), there is no 100 percent proof or facts that tell that globalisation is already at his end. This tells use that it is a megatrend. It still is going and it indirectly has effect on everybody.

What do you think of globalization, is it good for the world? And what smaller trends are also applicable?


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