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You probably know all those photos on Facebook with filters applied to it. And not to mention all those hashtags under the photos. Most of the time these photos are places by using the app: Instagram. This is an free mobile app that has become popular in the last couple of years. This app helps you to share your digital pictures/images and videos via mobile devices. This images and videos can by digitally filtered and shared on different social media websites. At first the pictures on Instagram could only b placed in square (1:1) format, just like the old polaroid pictures. But since august 2015 this has changed to every format.

To show the growth in the popularity I did some research. According to the website of Obi 4 Wan (Witbaard, 2016), Instagram gained around 270.000 users daily users only in the Netherlands. This is an increase of 37%. If you take a further look on this website you also see that Pinterest and Snapchat have grown. Also if you take a look at the website of Smart Insights (Chaffey, 2016), which is more a more international website you see the growth of the last couple of years. If we ask Frankwatching (Kerkhofs, 2016), they might even say that there is a popularity fight starting between Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Here you can see some statistics about the growth from the websites I mentioned before:


What I’m telling you is the rise in social media, but especially the rise of Instagram. A place were you can only show yourself by pictures. Why would we all be interested in that? And why is this so popular. This comes from a bigger trend, a trend were we want to show the world how we are and what we do. If you take a look at the over all statistics you see that whole social media has grown. This is a maxitrend started around 2005 with YouTube and is still growing (Kerkhofs, 2016). As you can see on Sproutsocial (York, 2017) and again Frankwatching the popularity of social media won’t easily go down in 2017. There are already a lot of trends that go together with the popular social media pages I mentioned before.

This trend comes from the trend technology. This is a megatrend that has been going on for a while now. To give a simple (and a bit funny) example of this trend, I found this website: Cio (Rodriguez, 2011). As you can see this trend started a long time ago. This trend started when computers were made for the first time, after a few years internet came, mobile phones and eventually android phones. And with that social media started becoming popular and so did Instagram.

As you can see in the short research, you see that Instagram has grown a lot in the last couple of years. The rise really started in 2013 and is now even bigger than Pinterest. But the trend isn’t going on for a really long time already. Beside that Instagram is on ‘product level’. This makes it a micro trend.

Beside the bigger trends I mentioned earlier I think that there are more trends applicable to this trend, I think the trend about healthy living could even be one of them. Or maybe individualization. What do you think?

Esmee Biegstraaten


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One thought on “Instagram

  1. First of all I want to compliment you on your usage of hard facts such as graphics and other digits. This makes the entire article more valid and accurate, and amounts to the persuasion of what’s being described.

    I find it very intriguing that you started off with a well-known trend, which takes place because of an even bigger trend. It creates a “trend within a trend” type of structure that causes clarification of the different sizes of trends.
    You worked very well towards you climax which I interpreted to be the final question that has been posed. Even bigger trends than the need to share were described and you actively challenged the reader to really think about the connection.

    I’ve thought about this and I looked up some of the trends that you mentioned throughout the article. Individualization was one that stood out to me in particular, because it seemed to be at the root of most of the mentioned trends. I even came to the realization that the reason for trends such as social media usage and healthy lifestyle (and the promotion thereof) could all be because we as individuals are trying to “sell” ourselves to society. Marketing and branding come forth from individualization (ISS, 2015), and maybe we over-share to persuade people that we have the best life there is to live.

    ISS Service Futures, 23-02-2015
    3 Social Megatrends Changing the World of FM
    gathered on 26-10-2017

    Kayleigh Pinas 26-10-2017


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