Media Planning by Ya-Zhen Chen

This is our media planning for Nuse. In the media planning, we will divide it into 3 steps as following:

  1. Reach the head editors in England


First, we want to reach the head editors who’s from the big companies based in England. It’s much easier for them to help us reach more journalists because they can bring the app into the team as a working platform and influence other journalists using it. We will present in the conference to introduce Nuse to them by some video, poster, and what advantages they can get. In the end of the presentation, we’ll provide them some giveaway such as post-it or inflatable cushion. It not only can remind them something about Nuse while using but also could be related to our concept ”Nuse is a part of you” Further more, according to the interview that we made, for the head editor, they might ignore the email but they won’t miss the phone call. So, after the presentation, instead of sending e-mail to them for the information about Nuse, we will call the head editors individually. If they start using Nuse in their office, they will get more right in the app, such as more canvas etc.    

  1.  Motivate more journalist using Nuse by canvas

Second, we want to motivate more journalists using Nuse and make them know the benefit of Nuse. As the head editors starting using nuse, they can make it as the working platform in the team by the canvas in the app. Sometimes, it’s hard to gather all the journalists in one place, but there’s no geographical limitation once it turned into online works.

  1.  Sharing

In the last step, we will motivate the journalist sharing Nuse with other journalist. By sharing on email, whatsapp, or social media, they can gain more canvas which could help them working more effectively. Nuse will be spreaded out rapidly within the journalist circle when more and more journalists sharing the app.


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