Peerby is an upcoming micro trend. This is a trend that slowly bigger and more famous becomes on the Dutch market. Peerby is at the moment at the bottom of the pyramide. Not so much know Peerby already so there are also not so much users. (2016, Retail news)

In the future the brand have the potential to become much bigger. At the moment stay the trend in the trend pyramid at the bottom. It’s at this time not such a big business. At this moment is the trend introduction just beyond. The trend is now hopefully growing up.

Peerby looks like the Dutch brand Marktplaats. But instead of you buy something you do borrow something of people who live nearby. Through an App you can offer and find stuff you need. The App is free to use, and there are products you can borrow for free or for a small amount.(2016, Peerby)

As a example when you give a  party and you need two standing tables you can ask people on Peerby for help. You make a message and Peerby send this mail to all your neighbors around you. When you have a match you get a mail of another user of Peerby.(Peerby, 2016)

Peerby is a good brand by a lot of reasons. So are there many of objects in every house, who everybody use only once a month. Another reason is why should you buy something new if you can borrow it, when you borrow something it cost less money, and you keep also more space in your house. When you borrow things from your neighbours you meet new people, so it’s also a way to meet new persons. And last but not least, Peerby do something good for the less stuff gets discarded, so it’s stimulated a cosy neighbourhood, a full wallet and a better environment. (2016, Ecoweetjes)

So these are a lot of reasons why Peerby is a good App to use, so I think if everybody takes Peerby, even more people can help each other.

Peerby is growing bigger at the moment. Now is there Peerby to go, this is a way to borrow something in exchange for money. Hereby have the renter and the landlord both profit. At the normal Peerby you don’t have to pay the landlord. But Peerby to go is faster and the landlord brings the stuff by the renter at home. (2015, Retailnews)

Originally is Peerby started with the name ‘Buurhuur’. TED Talk of Rachel Botsman about “Collaborative” inspired Daan Weddepohl. Originally become the website of “Buurhuur” a communication platform for neighbours.

Do you think that Peerby is good for the Dutch environment?

Jacky Tegelaar 14 September 2014 – 1663539

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One thought on “Peerby

  1. Peerby is upcoming! I also heard about it for the first time last year and I really liked the concept. We see more and more that people all over the world start sharing their stuff. To save money ofcourse but also to slow down this crazy consumer society we live in. Concepts like Airbnb for example, grow with an incredible speed. I also see Peerby getting bigger in the future if only more people would know about it. You mentioned Peerby to go which did leave me a little confused. It sounds like just like marktplaats only that you rent stuff instead of buying it. In my experience you let people borrow your stuff for free. Else it’s called renting.

    If my bike would break down it wouldnt exactly be the time that I would think about Peerby, but when you need tables for a party in your case, maybe I would. Also when you need an object that costs too much money for the time you would use it, like a power saw for instance, you can search for one on Peerby maybe your neighbour across the street owns one and you can borrow his. Maybe we will see in the future whole streets or neighbourhoods with just one or a few of these kinds of tools (saws, lawnmowers etc.) and they will all chip in and use Peerby as a way to tell them whenever who needs what. Who knows!

    Olmo Borsboom – 1666984


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